August 27, 2007

Who doesn't love a hymn sing-along?

Nathan headed back into the studio on Saturday night to work on a hymn album - read about and see it at (yes, that was a shameless plug!). So I've made a home for myself on the studio couch. It's a bit of a flash back to 2005, except this time we're whipping-through the tracks in 3 & a half days of recording (as opposed to 3 months!).

That's me sharing space on the couch with Nath's guitars!

This little project is quite different from what we've done in the past - limited time & limited budget - but it's actually one that we're both very passionate about & excited to create for the encouragement of others.

Nt & Jeff playing a tune

And we're thankful to God for making a way for it to happen - things have fallen into place easier than we could've hoped, with some great people to work alongside. Even after just a few days, we're really pleased with how it sounds! There is something stress-free and "instinctual" about acoustic production that we didn't get to enjoy when recording 2 years ago.

Nathan videoed this little clip of Jeff adding some organ, which is a bit of fun:

[If you have trouble viewing it, click here]

Also adding to the fun in our little house of late has been Graeme. He arrived about 3 weeks ago and has simply been enjoying the peace and quiet (and 100 degree weather!) that Franklin provides. Between the porch, the pool, the malls and some well-timed mexican food, I'd say it's been a fab time (not that I'd want to speak for him!).

Grabbing dinner at Mafioso's

So, as I go to sign off, our current status is - we have two more vocals to do tonight (and it's 10pm), we have a 6:15am flight to catch tomorrow to start mixing in NYC and we're yet to pack a single thing - where do the hours go??!!

Hoorah for short recording times... Love C.

[Steph, Shane and any other "Just Friends" fans - Nathan has been transcending during the recording but thankfully NOT dancing free with his guitar. :) ]

August 4, 2007

John Mayer, Nashville TN

We went to see John Mayer in concert last Friday night and it was an all-round great night!

James Morrison (not the trumpet player!) took the stage first, with a neat set of songs that we've come to know and love. It was a treat to see the Englishman here in the States since he's not yet a household name.

Then Ben Folds came on, and just as he was starting I said to Nath, "I don't really know much of his stuff apart from Ben Folds Five... Don't know if I'm really into it". I was HUGELY mistaken - the man is a genius!! Monster piano player & freaky to watch as he entertained a full arena with a three-piece band, a bright green maraca and little Synthesizer. Odd, but strangely brilliant. Nath and I stood slack-jawed for most of it.

Getting over Ben Folds' moves (like using his toes to play the keyboard!) to enjoy John Mayer was a little hard. But John did have something very cool going-on. And having listened to his music consistently for a long time now (Nath more than me) it was great to finally hear and see him play live. Super pro...

It was a full set of hits with a legendary band (again, more legendary to Nath than me). Here's what we saw...
Oh, and here's Ben Folds' playing the Synth to a dance-beat version of Iron & Wine's hit "Such Great Heights". :)

Till next time, C & Nt.