November 27, 2007

Porter Road

This will probably seem like a fairly odd blog-post so our apologies in advance! But for our families, who have been asking to see some more of the house and the things we've been up-to, I hope this is helpful.

The biggest change has been in the kitchen where we painted this week from brown to green, with the help of Kara & her parents..

And the back porch is also slowly getting painted from brown to white - although this is a slower process as the temperatures drop and I can't stand out there for too long!! I paint a few posts then race inside to run my hands under hot water. Hence why Nashvillians do all their home-projects in the Spring! Hmmm.. smart move.. But I'm determined to have at least the first coat done before it gets really cold.

And the best solution to combat my chilly hands was installed just today - our brand new gas fireplace!! We fell IN LOVE with this little invention at our Franklin place and honestly wouldn't have survived last winter without it. So now we have our very own...

Next-up for painting is our bedroom and the spare bath - so stay tuned. I can sense it will be exciting times!

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the place with furniture. The walls are still very bare, as we're yet to hang our pictures. And the outdoor furniture is currently acting as our living-room couches! But we're getting there.. (please note the blinds - Nate hung them all!)

Office - we're back to sharing!

(looking from the front entry hall back toward the kitchen)

Nate's upstairs music room

Front Porch with our new hanging lantern!

The two front rooms are empty - so nothing to show there. We hope you're starting to get a feel for our place - but not too much - as we want you to come and see it in person!

Love Cassie & Nate.

November 26, 2007

A quick update!

We realize we've been quite out-of-touch for the past few weeks & very poor at providing updates & pictures!

In a brief run-down - we moved house (!!), visited Dallas & Colorado Springs, celebrated Nath's birthday & started a few home projects. Nothing like multi-tasking...


We farewelled our sweet little never-lock-the-doors home in Franklin to move into our East Nashville place - where the alarm is set every night without fail! Probably sounds crazy to move into the "ghetto", but we're loving it. The neighborhood has really become home and we're enjoying making new friends & serving in small ways through church when we're around. Being part of a supportive community has been awesome.

In-between trips this month we sneaked-in a little birthday dinner for Nate with our dear friends the Yoders and Moore's.

Nt, Wes & Daniel

Kara & Cass

And much to our surprise, the birthday celebrations continued the next night in Colorado Springs! We'd just finished dinner with some of the staff from Compassion when the restaurant staff came out clapping and singing all for Nate! TOO FUNNY! For a guy that likes to keep his birthday on the down-low, it was priceless... And they served him up this lovely little bowl of creme and chocolate sauce - as only American's can. :)

The trip to Colorado was short but sweet. We visited the Compassion headquarters to check-out how things are done, meet some of the staff & lead worship during Chapel. Plus it snowed! It was a great time of fellowship and encouragement, remembering how big the world is and how great the need is amongst young children. It never fails to help re-adjust our perspective.

Compassion HQ

Nt & Steph - our Artist Advocate Rep. (and good friend!)

(not the most scenic picture from the Hampton Inn car park! But points for trying)

This post is getting a bit long, so I'll finish-up and make sure the next post has some pictures of our new place and the changes we've made / are making. Nate even bought a tool box!!

Love C & Nt.

November 3, 2007

Boston for a few days

Mid-way through our Florida tour we took a side-trip to a gig in Boston. We parked the van at Orlando Airport, jumped on a plane & hoped the change in temperature would not be too extreme!

The lovely couple that hosted us - Lyn & Tom

And their gorgeous home - around 120 years old!

Fall Leaves in MA...

Nathan was the guest artist for a conference with Dr Michael Green, the English evangelist, author & lecturer. We were excited to be involved in a weekend of outreach, especially in the North-East where things are quite different from the bible-belt of the South. Growth is slow and young people haven't, in many areas, found a place for themselves in the more traditional Anglican church.

So Michael and his team came-in with an aim to refresh the church leaders and ignite a passion amongst the believers for sharing Jesus. We were a tiny part of that - more observing, than influencing! It was a time of learning for us too.

Michael is the most enthusiastic, energetic 77 year-old evangelist we've heard and watched! It's both convicting and encouraging as we look at our own lives and own involvement in sharing Jesus with others. This man lives soley to share the truth of the gospel with the lost - it is a burning, seemingly-endless passion that his whole life is based around. We hope to do more of these weekend with him & his team in the future!

While in MA we took the chance to spend the day in Boston. After our trip this past Sept, we were keen to revisit and just wander the city!

Waiting for the train

Fruit Market

Boston Common

It was especially good timing, with the Boston Red Sox one game away from winning the world series!! So the city was full of energy and A LOT of red, white and blue everywhere. Not that we got a picture of that! Duh...

Thanks for reading. Love C & Nt.