January 30, 2007

New Year Holiday

Since life has been quiet here, I thought I'd fill you in on the holiday we took with Ma & Pa Chapman over the New Year break. (by the way, current temp is -7 degrees c).

Our little jaunt included San Francisco, driving The Big Sur, Los Angeles, Nashville, Memphis, Washington DC & New York. We had a blast, skipping from one coast across to the next, with a chance to show Ruth & Wayman our new hometown. Much to our surprise, with all that America has to offer, Nashville wowed them and they were sad to leave!

Cassie with Ruth & Wayman in San Fran

Nath patiently saw everything for the second (or third) time - Elvis will not be getting another visit for a while now! - as we hit the usual tourist spots. We had a really great time, full of interesting history and good Southern food.

Highlights: San Francisco Christmas lights; the warm LA winter-weather; sharing our new Nashville friends and food with family; exploring the amazing museums and galleries in Washington; seeing the Moffatts (and some snow) in New York City.

Lowlights: realizing we might just like diner-style coffee (shameful); having our driver at NY airport arrested (!).

Here are just a few pics from along the way...

The Golden Gate Bridge on a rainy day in San Fran.

The Big Sur, CA

Dad & Donald Duck in L.A.

Catching the subway in Washington

Nt & C outside the Capitol in DC

SoHo at Night, NYC

Thanks for checking-in..
Love C & Nt

Welcome to our blog...

This is the home of Nath and Cass in Nashville. Nothing too crazy, no long blogs or amazing insights. More a place for family and friends to check-in from time-to-time in case our emailing efforts flag and you start to forget what we look like!

It's actually funny that we've added a third child to our little website brood (nt.com & Myspace). Website up-keep is not exactly my favorite task of the day, but we were anxious to bring a bit of the South direct to your computer. So here it tis...

We hope you enjoy!

Love C