February 27, 2007

Good Friends

We have just come home from our new bible study group and I had the overwhelming feeling, while sitting in a room full of new people, that I miss the ones I love!

So I wanted to write and say what a privilege good friends are - what a rare treasure. As I'm always told, good friendships take time and it's been a blessing to reflect on how time has provided us with encouraging, insightful & humourous friendships.
After already moving cities once before, it's been a tricky battle of the wills to do it again in relation to meeting new people. This is my current grumble to Nathan and one that I'm trying to work through so I can embrace and contribute to good community here.

Definitely a work in progress... :)

So - with that in mind - how sweet it is to reflect on good relationships. Here are some pictures from our summer visit... Love to each of you and thank you for being wonderful friends!

Tan, Kate & Em

Soph, Emily, Bridge & Cass

Pete, Deb & Kate

Rich, Nate & Graeme

Stu & Jaks

TP, Jt, Tim, Nate & Cass

Helen, Sal & Cass

Our Families! (minus Beth - we have to remedy that)

February 21, 2007

Just a quick little story..

So the weather warmed-up today and a fox (or what I thought was a fox) was trotting through the backyard - the dog was next to the woodpile barking at it non-stop and I stood on our little white porch next to the rocking chair watching.

(Sounds like a scene from "Little House on the Prairie"!! Seriously, that's where we live...)

Anyway - it made me think that I should introduce you to an important member of our Nashville family (and announce that I have a new-found appreciation for mans bestfriend). People, meet Mougley. Mougley, meet the people....

Me & Mougley (girl? boy? we really don't know...!)

Previously I have found the pooch to be a bit smelly, fuzzy and not so purposeful. But Mougely (the Yoder's dog) has become my new "at home" companion. He is good company on days when things are quiet and I always know when something is amiss as he barks like crazy. On a property that is sometimes eerily large, having a dog stand guard and warn me of in-coming danger is appreciated!

(even if the the so-called guard dog is arthritic and most days "in-coming danger" = the UPS delivery man).

So that's my little story for the week. Hopefully I have more insightful tales for you next time. :)

Love C

February 15, 2007

Beautiful Music...

It's always exciting to hear a songwriter bring a glimpse of heaven to earth & inspire followers to love Jesus more, with an otherworldly joy.

Chris Rice has perfected the art...

Last night we headed to the Rutledge to hear Chris live and I was reminded again of why he has ministered to my soul over the years and called me to see the world through new eyes.

If you're a Chris-fan you'll know what I mean. If his name means nothing to you - get to know him!

It was really cool for Nath and I to sit in a chilled little venue, half-full, listening to an artist we've both admired for years. For different reasons, Chris has been an encouragement to us - so we wanted to pass a bit of that on.

Take a listen... Song: "Come To Jesus" (From Run the Earth, Watch the Sky)

Being in a time when things can feel tiring and busy and sometimes a bit sad, it's so good to hear a voice that reminds me of the joy of life, the blessing of being a follower and the hope of what's to come.


Other great Chris Rice albums: Deep Enough to Dream; Past The Edges.

February 13, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We've been promising to send through pics of our place for AGES now. We finally got ourselves sorted & here it is...

Living Room


Cass' Study

Nath's room - not as dungeon-like as it looks! In case you thought he lucked out...

Landing at the top of the stairs, looking through to our room.

Our room and the spare room are pretty much beds and a dressers - not very interesting! Although we're still apartment dwellers at heart, it's been a nice change to have a quiet place to work and to see a different side of creation. We've never been so aware of the seasons before! (At our age, that's actually a bit of a worry...)

We regularly talk about life here - the realisation that we live in America is still sinking-in. But God's provision of our little place & being next door to caring, Christian people has been something we're very thankful for. Nath was away gigging in CA on the weekend, and having company just a few meters away was really comforting.

(by the way - the spare room would be a WHOLE lot more interesting if it had guests staying in it?!)

C & Nt

February 8, 2007

A truly American wkend..

This heading applies more to Nath than me...

We've made some great friends here, Kara & Daniel, and Daniel has made it his mission to introduce Nath to all things American. So on Saturday morning, in frosty weather conditions, Daniel picked-up Nath to go clay pidgeon shooting! I sent them off with a laugh, praying that Nath would come back with all his fingers in tact.

Thankfully Daniel is a great teacher, Nath hit a few clay pigeons and everyone returned injury free...

Nath & Daniel

While the boys were being boys, Kara and I hit some vintage stores in Nashville and had "tea" - which for Kara was very British and for me was quite surprising. My kettle has baffled most Nashville friends, so to find a place the sells loose-leaf tea was exciting. I don't feel so alone now thanks to the ladies at the Savannah Tea House. :)

To end Nath's wkend education of American "manly" things, we gathered to watch the Superbowl and eat hot dogs with crisps. Good times... (truth be told - Prince's half time entertainment was probably the best part of the night for us!). But we can report that the Colts won.

Kara's Brownie Football

God has been gracious in bringing Kara and Daniel into our lives, to help make Nashville feel like home and give us a chance to share life with a great Christian couple.

I'll be sure to post more pics of Nath's American edcuation - apparently fishing and tailgating are set for the warmer months!


February 2, 2007


For two days we'd been promised snow.. Mr WeatherChannel had told us it was a sure thing and everyone in Nashville was preparing for some flakes, salting the pavements and buying supplies. So when yesterday morning arrived and everything was still the same, we were quite devastated.

We completely forgot about it last night, thinking it a lost cause... Only to wake up this morning and see everything covered in powder-soft snow - a complete winter wonderland!! I went absolutely mental, shaking Nath and running around not knowing where to start - jacket, socks, boots (don't even own boots). Was quite chaotic!

How it looked from our bedroom

We started in our flannel PJ's and ugg boots and quickly worked-out that it really wasn't a good idea (too excited to take time to think through our snowplan).

Nath seeing snow for the first time! (still a bit sleepy)

Once we got sorted we explored and took a few pics to share...

Looking out from our front porch.

The backyard

Looking down at our place from the drive

Cassie at the top of the drive
(our little place is hidden to the left and the Yoders home is to the right)

After a quick coffee to wake-up we joined the rest of the street at one of the ladies homes for fresh homemade donuts and hot chocolate. It's a Broyles Ln tradition - to celebrate the first snow fall of winter and the fact that schools are closed.

Nath and I didn't quite know where we were - felt like a Hallmark commercial!

Now the sun is out and the snow is melting - but you can't escape the cruisy feeling that comes from freshly fallen snow. Everything is so calm and quiet. We've taken our very own "snow day" and closed-up shop to enjoy it...

Till next time,
C & Nt.