March 16, 2007

Dallas.. not just a tv show...

Texas is fast becoming one of our favorite places to visit. We recently spent a weekend in Dallas - part work, part relax - and the warm weather and friendly people suit us just fine!

We stayed with a great family who hosted a house concert for Nathan on the Friday night and then made sure we enjoyed the sunshine and views of their lovely neighborhood for the rest of the weekend. They live on White Rock Lake and we would visit again in a second...

View of the lake from the front lawn

The home we stayed in (!)

The friday night house concert

White Rock Lake on Saturday morning

Nath & Cole ready to rip-up the front lawn

Cole, whose family we stayed with, owns the mini-motorbike, which I kindly declined the offer to try-out! But if you want to see Nath in action click here. It's a short little video showing-off his biker skills.

We hope you're all well...