July 13, 2007

More Updates from this past week...

As promised, here is a bit more of what we've been doing with our visitors (and a few general family pics).

In truth, visiting Nashville is about the food! So our touristy efforts have mainly focused on taking them to our favorite places to eat... The Loveless Cafe is famous for it's ham, biscuits (Southern-style scones) and homemade jams. So we grabbed breakfast one morning and made sure we didn't have any other food plans for the rest of the day!

We also did a Baja Burrito run for some Mexican...
And Ben & Jerry's!Aside from our food expeditions, the Tasker/Tong clan has been happy relaxing at home, strolling Nashville's numerous shopping malls and seeing a bit of TN's history. Like the Belle Meade Plantation:
It wouldn't be a complete trip without some chow-time with Daniel & Kara - plus it proves we actually do have friends and didn't just make them up. :) They kindly cooked us all a real Southern dinner - Ribs! - which were delish.

Oh, and we can't not include a few more Chloe pics (or Cookie, as she calls herself!). Tucking us into bed and making sure we're "asleep" is one of her favorite games at the moment. And we happily oblige...
Over & out... Nt & C.

July 8, 2007

Family Visit!

Nathan's family arrived last Wednesday for a bit of a holiday break and it's been great to show them our place and share a bit of what our TN life looks like!

We welcomed them the true American way - with a 4th of July main-street festival, complete with Corn Dogs and Funnel Cakes! Thankfully it can only go-up from there. :)
Just when you think they've fried it all...One of the best parts has been play-time with Chloe! When we saw her last she was only just walking and not talking a great deal. Now she has most definitely found her legs and is especially good at grooving-out to Billy Joe with us. She's found her voice too and has adopted Naph and Cacky as our names.

We've not done much else yet to take pictures of - their visit is still in the early days! But when we have more to tell we'll post again..

Love Nt & C.