September 27, 2007

1 Year Nashville Anniversary

It's been 12months since we moved to Nashville! The official date is sketchy but we know that Sept was our move month and we're having major déjà vu as we watch the leaves change - we can't believe it's been a year already.

To mark the anniversary date we made an addition to our life over here... We bought a house!!

Yep - we have apparently put one nail in the coffin for permanency in TN, as our Nashville friends tell us! We are feeling content in our "for now" attitude, Australia is definitely still home*. But we are super excited about moving into our own place. After months of looking, trying to find a place to both live and work in, we found just the one and it's been a speedy dealing since. Here it is...

(We'll post more pictures as we move in!)

Our new blue house is in East Nashville - an inner-city suburb that has cleaned-up in the past 5 years to become a popular spot for young couples, including a lot of the artist community we spend time with. It's also within walking distance to our church, and some new cafes and restaurants - all good stuff.

We're excited to become more a part of our church community, which has a real awareness & involvement in the neighborhood. E. Nashville is still a very diverse area in regards to race & income, with a lot of families living in difficult situations, making it a neighborhood of extremes. So our church has a strong focus on how we live within it & our responsibility as Christian's.

On the work side of life, after a break from any new sounds, "Prone To Wander" is all done and ready to be released into the world! We really love how this album sounds and pray it's a great encouragement to others.

To hear old truths afresh was our purpose in recording this, and I hope we've been faithful in our interpretation of the songs. Check-it-out online if you're keen!

Love Cassie & Nath.

**right after writing this blog I had to search for some Australian images for Nathan (Harbour Bridge, Manly Beach, Fish & Chips, Koala's etc) and I was a bit teary looking at our homeland!! We are Aussie's to the core, which makes our new house purchase in TN just a little funny!

September 15, 2007

Sept Travels with Ruth & Wayman!

Ruth & Wayman couldn't stay-away - Nashville's charms drew them back for a few weeks of holiday time, which was lovely!

Almost straight-off the plane they road-tripped with us to Virginia for some gigs, which was very good of them. We managed to make it both work and fun by taking a sneaky afternoon trip into Washington between gigs to see a few things we had missed last time.

Marine Corps War Memorial - Flag Rising @ Iwo Jima

101st Airborne Division Memorial @ Arlington

And then on the drive home we took the long-route via North Carolina and took-in beautiful Asheville! Upon the advice of a friend we visited the Biltmore Mansion, the largest private residence in America, and it was UNBELIEVABLE! The home was completed in 1895 and has 250 rooms, 34 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, and 65 fireplaces - quite hard to comprehend for one man, his wife and only child! Still, it was beautiful to visit...

Biltmore Greenhouse

After a few days relaxing in Nashville we headed back-up North to Boston! It is a gorgeous city, more European than American, full of old churches & beautiful gardens. Plus it's home to a lot of early American history, which we learnt while wandering the Freedom Trail.

Public Gardens

Italian Quarter

Ruth became our tour-guide for the Freedom Trail, explaining everything we were looking at - lots of old buildings and gravestones - which was actually really interesting!

Park Street Church & Granary Cemetery (buried here: John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere & Mother Goose!)

Balcony from which the Declaration of Independence was read!

Quincy Market

Paul Revere's House (circa 1680) - famous for his Midnight Ride

Old North Church - where Newman hung two lanterns to signal and that the British were coming by land.

We also visited Plymouth, where the Pilgrims first landed on the Mayflower but we haven't any pictures, so here ends the history lesson!

To finish our MA time we took a quick trip to Harvard and for a few moments tried to blend-in with all the smart people - I don't think we did too well! In fact, I think we just got in the way as they rushed from class-to-class through the main courtyard.

We had a really great time, and were thankful for Ruth & Wayman's parental love and care. Plus, compared to last time, Nashville felt like home when we shared it with them & that was a good thing...

Park-time in Boston
And that's it! Miss you all..

Cass & Nt.