December 27, 2007

A True-Blue Christmas

Our family Christmas festivities started on Friday and lasted till Tuesday - Nate & I definitely made up for a lack of family time this past year! ☺ We had brunch with Nathan’s family to kick things off, followed by an extended-family lunch on the weekend, before flying down to Adelaide to spend Christmas day by the beach with my family.

Christmas day at Brighton beach!

Nate was given a "piece of Australia" to take home

Our little niece and nephew kept things lively with the present giving, and have been a total laugh to play with, having grown a lot since we last saw them..

Chloe with her new bucket and spade

Charlie & his reindeer antlers (he was not convinced!)

Nathan and I were on pancake duties Christmas morning, which I think was based on the assumption that a year spent in America must mean we’re pro’s with pancakes!! ☺ Then mum whipped-up a 3-course meal for lunch, which had us snoozing in the afternoon…

The weather has warmed-up now so we’re getting in plenty of beach time - and that sums-up our time so far really. We eat, sleep and swim!

My pregnant older sis, Steph.
We hope you're all really well and had a wonderful Christmas.
Nashville & crew - we miss you!!

Love C & Nt.

December 19, 2007

Homeward Bound..

We've said our farewells to Nashville and headed for warmer weather! Nate & I landed back into Sydney yesterday morning after a year away and were welcomed with sticky humidity and overcast skies... Ahh, bless Sydney in Dec!

It's awesome to be back with family for Christmas and sharing with them in person what our Nashville home and life is like. (seeing the harbor again and sipping an Italian coffee wasn't too bad either!).

To our TN friends - welcome to the blog! We'll be sure to post plenty of Australian pics & stories to give you a taste of life "down-under". We hope you enjoy stopping-by - know that we miss you and look forward to more TN times in '08.

Have a very blessed Christmas!
C & Nt.

December 11, 2007

The American Worldview, care-of Youtube

My friend Linda (an American) just sent this video over to me, with a comment that read:


And the "oh my" is an understatement!! At points I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. Take a look...

(It's kind of long, but even a glimpse is enough!)

Love C