January 22, 2008

A little picture update...

We've not got anything truly specific to blog-on, since the past few weeks have been a combination of friend catch-ups, beach time and a bit of work too! So this is a brief collection of pics, just in case you were keen for an update from us...

(as you'll see, we're getting pretty good at the set-up, all-in group picture ☺)

Chloe & Nate having park time.

View from our place (well, not really "our" place), looking out over Sydney Harbor

Balmoral Beach!
We're thinking of walking across the Harbor Bridge tomorrow - very touristy of us! - so stay tuned for some pictures of a few Sydney icons!

Love C & Nt.

January 8, 2008

New Years Eve on the River Murray

Nathan & I escaped the Northern winter to have an Aussie summer and the last few weeks have not let us down. We welcomed in the New Year in 112 degree heat!!!

We’ve spent the last week on the River Murray at my parents holiday place. And despite the sweltering temperatures it was a super-relaxing way to unwind.

So, this is where things get truly Australian… ☺

Aussie BBQ's...
Card nights..
Gum trees..
And a Houseboat for one!

As a trade-off to all the yummy holiday food, we spent our days wakeboarding! And after 12months of not being on a board we discovered how quickly our muscles could stiffen. But it was a blast & we lament not having more time to whittle-away on the river.

We welcomed the new year with a “spectacular” Teal Flat fireworks display. It's not quite what happens on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at New Years but fun all the same. Plus, compared to our own personal efforts of a few (old) party poppers that singed our fingers, the fireworks were a welcome addition!

And that about ends our time in Adelaide. We had an awesome few weeks with plenty of laughs and time to catch-up with family. Here's a few last pics to finish-off...

We're back in Sydney now for the rest of our trip. We trust your all keeping well and have had a great start to 2008!

Love C & Nt.