April 16, 2008

North Carolina

I'm sorry it's been a few weeks since we blogged... There really hasn't been much to share (or show) aside from the gigs Nate's been playing and the lovely array of Hwy hotels we've been staying in!

Nate has been writing some thoughts as we travel, so if you're interested head to his website or facebook page. We've also posted a couple of video's on facebook - some live songs and an interview - if you're into that kind of thing!

Really, to sum it up - here is Nate & Cassie's world from the last few weeks.... :)

The floor of our Van...
And a view of our view

(YouTube Link)

Actually, I lie when I say it's been all driving and playing - we did sneak in a bit of heart clogging southern cuisine at Ye Olde Waffle Shoppe in Chapel Hill. Tasty.

Egg & Biscuits & a Waffle

At our last gig I grabbed a snippet of Nate being interviewed by the team at "The Well" (Biltmore Baptist) in Charlotte. Visiting with this church was an awesome way to end-off our trip - it was a group of 300 young adults keen to sing & worship with Nate (and ask a lot of Australian questions too!). I didn't catch one of those, but I did get Nate talking of his love for Krispy Kreme...


We are now Nashville-bound! This mini-tour of NC has been great - we've experienced amazing generosity and excitement about the music.
Even so, our own bed will be a sweet thing!

Love C & Nt.