August 30, 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie...

We've had a great week in Sydney, cramming in gigs, coffee, winter sunshine, family time & a few laughs with friends. So here's the latest Tasker update in pictures...

Fish & Chips at Bamoral...
with Nate on Seagull patrol!

Soph, Emily, Bridge & Cass

Nate, Trent & Tim playing at "Burn You Plastic Jesus"

Parental time!

There's still a week of Aussie fun to be had - so we'll be sure to keep clicking-away and post some more from our time Downunder.

Love C & Nt.

August 21, 2008


Nate, myself & a whole bunch of luggage have started the journey South. But first - a few days off in California - hence the brevity of this blog and the lack of pictures.

We are soaking up the sun, sleeping for 11hrs a night and thoroughly enjoying being off the radar a little! :)

Adios till we touch down in Sydney... (unless something truly fabulous, deserving of a blog, occurs!)

Love Cassie.

August 5, 2008

OOOOOOklahoma... And Arkanas

There isn't much to show or share from this past weekend. But, since I know several family members check our blog daily (you know who you are!) I thought we should at least post something.

There was lots of hay
(sunday morning church)
Lots of food
A "snack" prepared for us... just the two of us... which actually means the one of us, since Nate doesn't eat before playing.... Oh my..)
And two middle-America towns
This here is Fort Smith AR

We had a great weekend and met some really wonderful people... Which is encouraging, since we'll turn-around and do it all again this weekend!

Not our best-laid plans but plenty of fun.

oh, and we stayed in a hotel on Kickapoo Street... Yep, Kick-a-poo... I don't know why we find that funny, but we do!