February 13, 2008

Introducing Jonty Wayman Maraun

A new little family member has arrived on the scene! Steph and Shane were very pleased to welcome Jonty into the world last Sunday, Feb 10.

It has been amazing to watch him grow from the outside, praying for his safety and well-being without knowing him, and then actually seeing tiny fingers and toes attached to this mini-person. God's creation is both marvelous & overwhelming!

We are so thankful he arrived healthy and strong. Please meet Jonty...

with big cousin Charlie

Dad (Shane)


We wish we could have been there! You guys are in our prayers & we look forward to meeting Jonty at the crawling stage. :)

Love C & Nt.

February 10, 2008

Farewell Sydney, Australia

We think for this final Sydney blog pictures speak louder than words. We walked the Harbor Bridge and this is how it looked...

To our Australian family & friends - THANK YOU for a fantastic visit! We had a blast & are thankful to God for the blessed time we had with each of you.

We are now USA-bound...
Love Nathan & Cassie.

February 5, 2008

Australia Day - Jan 26th

For our US friends, this is a holiday that celebrates Australia. (If the name didn't already give it away! :) )

Ask us the origins and true meaning of the day and we couldn't really tell you. But it's a great excuse to wear our national flag, have a BBQ and enjoy some general lazing-about.

After some rainy weeks, it was lovely to have the sun came out and Nate and I spent most of the day by the ocean.

There's not much else to report about this funny holiday - expect that the red, white and blue (of Australia!) was in fine form..

(we were quite "un-Australian" with a meal of Indian and TN whiskey. The choice of beverage was Nate's salute to our 2nd home!)

The rest of the weekend we spent in Melbourne playing at some churches. The chance to be back with familiar church families was a real encouragement to us, it was beautiful to re-visit and see how God is building-up His church and developing great ministry amongst them. And the best part was having 23 kids sponsored through Compassion on the Sunday night!

Melbourne, VIC

I think there is one more post left in us before flying back North. Some Sydney sights need to be posted and then the trip will be complete!

C & Nt.