March 29, 2008

New York City, part 2

For the last two days of our trip we were joined by Robert and Charissa, who were also in need of some time in the Big Apple! They flew-up from Nashville on Wednesday night and were awesome wandering companions for two days...

They shared their own favorite NY hangs as we shared ours, and it mainly centered around food!! We took them to a true Australian cafe, Ruby's, started by two brothers from Bondi.

Rubys, East Village

And they took us to the tastiest desert spot in the upper West, made famous by "You've Got Mail" - Cafe Lola. What to order was not a quick decision! :)

And if that wasn't enough, we found the best slice of pizza in New York (it really was "the best" as voted by the Food Network!)

It was a cool way to end the week. Nath & I were sad to say goodbye to the city on Saturday, it had been great for us to walk so much together, get lost in the crowd for a while and enjoy some good coffee. Here's a few last pictures:

The best part was time with friends.. Catching-up with Justin and Laurel was such a joy, the love of Christian family is a blessing. Thanks guys... (M&M's ALL ROUND?!!)

We'll be back,
C & Nt.

March 25, 2008

New York City

We decided that sitting in Nashville for Easter may be a little sad, nix family, so we headed for NYC to visit with friends, play some tunes and wander the city (A LOT!).


Greenwich Village

Central Park

The Apple Store on 5th Ave

We headed into the village for dinner with Justin & Laurel last night & afterwards had rice pudding for desert - who would've thought?!! The old-school desert has been re-invented into something a bit hip, in a whole bunch of different flavors (incl. Hazelnut Chocolate & French Toast). Very yummy, but still strangely reminiscent of the desert we ate as kids, so I wasn't sure if it was a good thing, or a poor substitute to ice cream!

@ "Rice To Riches"

Nathan has done a bit of different work stuff since we got here, including a visit to a NYC Rescue Mission for men, in Lower Manhattan. He wrote about this at

And at the complete other end of the spectrum... Nathan sang on his first jingle yesterday. An Aussie friend living here in NY, who writes / records jingles, called Nathan for a last-minute favor to help fix a jingle. So random! Nathan had to sing two words - "dot-com" - which took all of about 5mins & included a cheque for his troubles. Tempting career change. :)

Here's the studio in Soho..

That's it for now! More to come later.
Love Cassie.

March 16, 2008

Please meet Isaiah Daniel Moore

Our dear friends Kara and Daniel became parents last month!

We joked as we left for Australia that they couldn't go and "get a baby" while we were gone, as we didn't want to miss anything, & we made it back just in time.

Baby Isaiah was in need of a loving home, and the Moore's have been waiting to adopt for a little while. It was wonderful to see the pieces come together and watch as God created a brand new family. Here he is..

I think we're already the odd friends of his parents who can't say his name correctly!! We're trying hard at Americanizing and getting it right.

Love C & Nt.

Our stint as dog-sitters

Good friends Ruthie and Will headed to Austin for a festival last week and left their "daughter" Ellie in our care for a few days - it was such a treat!
Nate is already a dog-person, but I was not so sure about the whole deal. In my experience they are a bit smelly, shed and poop. But Miss E was all manners, and being part poodle, she very kindly kept her hair and smell to herself! I was quickly won-over...

We miss her! It was lovely to be greeted by an excited, jumping pooch every time we walked-in the door and have her potter around behind us at home.

So how do you think churches would feel about a furry Tasker band member??

Love C

March 12, 2008

Renovation Rescue

We (or more accurately, a builder) took to our living room wall with a hammer and cutter yesterday and tore it down! It was a little scary hearing the first few crashes as our new house was semi demolished.

But the outcome is great! A once useless room with a beautiful window is now a part of our living room.

Here is how it happened...

Admittedly, we did sit and look at it all evening, analyzing our efforts, doubting our abilities and freaking-out just a little at what we had just done (Steph and Shane - where are you when we need you?!)

But we love it - and thankfully, the roof hasn't fallen-down or the walls caved-in. After we've painted and put everything back we'll post an update.

Love C & Nt.

March 10, 2008

The Sound of Snow

Having thought we'd missed a TN winter by skipping-off to Australia for Christmas, it was a little surprising to see the clouds close-over and snow falling last Friday evening! Nashville was a nice little winter wonderland, for at least 12 hours until the sun melted it all away.

I could try and sound all "snow-pro" and say it was a nuisance - but that would be a lie! - as it's still a fabulous novelty for Nate and I. We headed out late to watch it fall and see how beautiful that world becomes when it's covered white. At least this time we were better equipped and not wearing our Uggs!

We awoke to a still, white world on Saturday morning and quickly discovered that snow is the best reason to hibernate. The world somehow feels heavier & slower, so we allowed ourselves to feel the same way and enjoyed it.

(Until we had to drive somewhere... !)

Love, C & Nt