May 26, 2008

Cruising East Nashville

We bought bikes!! And happily, each time we take a ride, we regress into childhood... We both grew-up rolling around our local neighborhoods and have sweet memories of those days. As the weather warms-up and we take an early evening cruise there simply is nothing better!

Pink for girls, Racey-red for boys

May 23, 2008

The Newest Little New York Groover

And then there were five...

Justin & Laurel welcomed a new little Moffatt into the world last week, and much to our excitement, a new godson for Nate and I!

We have cherished the time spent with them since moving to the States & found it a real comfort to know we have family just up the coast, so we count it an extra blessing to be Godparents for 'Junior'. Through prayer (& NYC visits) we continue to journey with them and we think that's pretty special...

('Junior' is following-suit with Justin's blog).

Here are the proud parents and siblings at Junior's baptism last Sunday, he's only five days old! Read more about it, and the thoughts behind infant baptism if you're interested, at Justin's blog.

(J & L - we were sad to miss it but look forward to some more NYC time in the months ahead and some play-time with Junior)

C & Nt.

May 22, 2008


There is little I know to write today, except to express deep sorrow for Stephen & his family.

We aren't connected with them in any direct way, but have followed Stephen through years of faithful music ministry, and more recently the family's absolute dedication to the cause of adoption. We have always found them to be a genuine and encouraging example of service to Jesus.

Please keep the Chapman family in your prayers.

May 18, 2008

A few more adventures from this last week...

To really round-out the whole history tour of VA we dropped-by a few more places en-route to and from gigs.

Williamsburg is the place where time stands-still..

Then a short visit to a working plantation, where the 11th generation of the Carter family still lives today. Old, chilly and a little dark if you ask us, but intriguing none-the-less!

And by complete fluke, thanks to a quick read of the Lonely Planet as we were driving through small-town VA, we discovered an amazing WWII memorial. In memory of D-Day, this memorial is one of the more moving we've seen (and if you've read this blog for a while, you'll know we've seen a few!).

Built in Bedford, a town that experienced the country’s severest per capita losses on D-Day, the memorial re-creates the landing at Omaha Beach - complete with water shooting-up as if hit by bullets.

"After years of meticulous planning and seemingly endless training, for the Allied Forces, it all came down to this: The boat ramp goes down, then jump, swim, run, and crawl to the cliffs. Many of the first young men (most not yet 20 years old) entered the surf carrying eighty pounds of equipment. They faced over 200 yards of beach before reaching the first natural feature offering any protection. Blanketed by small-arms fire and bracketed by artillery, they found themselves in hell."

Since Dad, Mum, Nate & I each have a connection, either through our grandpa's or father (in-law), it was sobering to think of their bravery and sacrifice.

We were then Nashville-bound and excited to share our new place with mum & dad. It was a week of relaxing, plus a few gardening lessons to rescue our poor yard - we had weeds as big as trees!

Porch Time

And if visiting / touring with us looks too serious and sad, scroll down - things can get really wild! :)
Thanks for checking-in...
Love Cass & Nate.

May 8, 2008

What can we say??

It seemed every place we visited had hats the corresponded with the theme... And we quickly discovered that dad couldn't help but try them all on. Go figure.

So we started documenting it. Our personal favorite is the Amish hat...

Mum was also keen to get in on the hat action....

Philly, Gettysburg and all things historical!

If knowing a country's history makes you an adoptive citizen, then Nath and I would be pretty close to calling the USA home!

After a few gigs in Virginia over the weekend, we headed for Philadelphia to meet-up with Ruth and Wayman for some solid days of history and colonial USA sight-seeing.

Philly by Night

Philly is much like Boston or Washington, complete with it's own special place in American history. We took in everything from the Liberty Bell, to the Civil War Unknown Soldier, to Independence Hall where they debated & wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Liberty Bell

Independence Hall & the room where all things "Declaration" took place!

We also wandered a few of the other famous sights of Philly:

Above: Macy's Department Store - complete with an Organ that serenaded us as we shopped!

The oldest, continual residential street in America, now (above) and then...
Our special favorite was the "Moon Tree" in Washington Sq Park - this is from seed carried to the Moon and planted in honor of "Earth's Green World of Trees".

Hmm, something tells us it's not quite fulfilling it's purpose and is living (or dying!) proof that seeds don't like the moon!

Our little flash-back in time had only just begun - Gettysburg was next on the list, after a pretty drive through Amish Country, Pennsylvania.

Horse & Buggie

This picture was taken in the oddly named town of Intercourse.... In strictly conservative, simple-living Amish country we had to chuckle every time we said the name! Juvenial we know...

So, back on the history trail... Much to Ruth's delight we took a tour of Gettysburg and got a complete run-down on all things Union and Confederate. It was actually really interesting to be in a place so well preserved and true to what was experienced by soldiers in the 1800's.

Little Round Top (looking more smiley than I probably should on a battlefield)

Ruth sitting at Picket's Charge - where the battle ended for the South

One thing we did notice was the immense number of monuments!! Every State, regiment, battle and important person seem to have one.

One of the amazing things, for each of us, was reading & hearing about this country's early belief in freedom and independence, mixed so tightly with their slave trade and internal, bitter civil war. There was so much to inspire people, whilst also being contradictory. But as we left Gettysburg, we read Lincoln's 1863 address and it was a reminder of the test some beliefs require to see if they can withstand and survive:

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure."

C & Nt.

May 5, 2008

Country Road, Take Me Home...

Virginia Landscape

We've been on the road in Virginia! This is one of America's most significant and history-ladden states - but those colonial lessons are on the way, more true to our experience is a few little standouts that we just had to share.

We lunched with some church crew on sunday, in a spot tantilizingly named "Three Lil Pigs" and a recent host of George W Bush Snr... And we have the proof!

Also - we decided that our van was a little dull looking, so we added a few decals to liven it up for this trip! What do you think??

JOKING!!! Don't fret, this isn't our van (as much as I wish we had a two-tone paint job). Our van is decal-free, we spotted this one in VA and couldn't resist the pic op.

More on the way! C & Nt.