June 27, 2008

Whatcha Talkin 'bout Willis?!

It seems we're getting quite a reputation as poochie-sitters! Gabe & Keely entrusted us with their gorgeous dog Willis for the weekend and it was a blast. With his golden-blonde locks he is one pretty pooch...

Willis is a bit bigger than our usual charge, Miss Ellie, but just as fun and keen for walks and cat-chasing. And after coaxing him out of the hunger-strike, (we think he was protesting his owners absence), it was a succesful visit.

Stop-by again anytime Willis!

C & Nt.

June 18, 2008

Austin... What did we miss??

Maybe it was the 104 degree heat, minus a beach.. Or the fact that we missed getting into the museum... Or perhaps it was the "hip SoCa district" of sad, lonely shops needing some serious love (and shade!). But Austin just missed with us and we may need some counseling (and a good tour guide) to visit again. We'd had such high hopes!

To give this blog some "meat" here is what we did manage to see after dragging ourselves out of the air-conditioned car. (SO. HOT.)

Austin is actually the Capitol of TX, even though it's one of the smaller cities. So they have their very own Capitol building, which is like a brownish version of the one Washington DC, set in the center of down-town. Very picturesque..

6th Street is the hip & happening part of town, lined with music venues & bars. Not so hip at 4pm in the afternoon, but we'll give it the benefit of the doubt..

And we did stumble across this great little hat store, full floor-to-ceiling of every type of hat, much to Nate's delight... And apparently frequented by some pretty famous ppl (Mick Jagger!) if the pictures on the wall are anything to go-by.

That's about it really. I will end this pity-party here. We usually have such great success with our little outings, I guess we were bound to have a dud eventually.

Disclaimer: Austin-lovers or Natives = sorry. File us under ignorant, culturally-bland Aussie's. And come with us next time!! :)


June 16, 2008

Tim + Drums = Good Times

During his NYC trip Tim was good enough to head our way and play some gigs in Dallas, TX.

(Nate here - one of the hardest things for me about moving to the US is having to leave my aussie band mates behind. They are some of the best muso's I have ever met and also some of my closest friends. Trent, JT and Mike you need to come an visit as well! Tim, you rock.)

Roadtrip time

With the promise of some Memphis BBQ en route, Tim was happy to make the 10hr drive to TX. I wish I had all the pics from our shenanigans, but Tim was the photo taker this trip - so I have little to show! Here's some of what I do have...

Dallas Concert
We were once-again reminded of how much we miss his playing, friendship and support & wish we had more excuses to have him here permanently!!

June 3, 2008

It's My Party...

And I'll have hot-dogs if I want to! :)

No... that's not really how it went down. Charissa and I share the same birthday, which we thought was pretty cool - and reason enough to have a little get-together. And really, it was less a birthday party and more a great excuse to have friends over after church to hang-out on a warm Nashville evening - just the way we like it!

Birthday girls!

Nathan fired-up the barbie and although there were no "snags", we weren't far-off with hot dogs. Yum. Here's some happy snaps:

Soph & Alice
Amy & Cari
Bobby, Keely, Gabe & Nate
Soph & Pete

Oh, and, earlier in the day Soph lovingly made cupcakes and we all lovingly devoured them.

It was a total pleasure for Nate and I to have people over, to see them relaxed & spending time together. It is what we prayed our place would be used for when we moved-in - hopefully this was the first of many.

Thanks for a great night everyone!
C & Nt

June 2, 2008

From Exotic Sth America to Nashville

Good friends Pete & Soph stopped-by!! After destinations such as Mexico & Argentina they were kind enough to include Nashville on their trip, much to our delight!

We spent four days hanging-out together & it was a real treat to have them here. It was a blast showing them our favorite local hang-outs (plus we threw in a few truly Nashville "must-dos").

Broadway, Downtown & the Titans Stadium

Death by Cheesecake @ The Cheesecake Factory!

Coffee in the Village

Breakfast at Marche

McCrearys Pub

And of course the compulsory porch time!

We absolutely LOVED having them to stay, and best of all they were here for some birthday celebrations on sunday night - it was awesome to have Aussie friends to share it all with. More from the party soon...

(If you jump onto Soph & Pete's blog, I'm sure you'll see a bit more from here, and beyond!).

Party pics on the way...