July 21, 2008

More Nashvegas Visitors

We really think Nashville must be one super-hot destination at the moment. Or maybe word of our snazzy tour guiding efforts has got-out... :)

Jaks & Stu came to hang for a few days - in the middle of their NYC holiday! - so the pressure was on for us to show Nashville as up-to-par with the Big Apple. How did we do guys??

I turned to Jaks mid-week and said - "It feels so normal with you around, like no time has passed - I forget we're not in Australia!". That is sweet friendship...

Safe travels, friends!
C & Nt.

July 19, 2008

Penny Update

I didn't think it fair that I introduced Penny to the world before she'd had a chance to wash her hair and get some beauty sleep!

We got sent a few more pictures this morning & being an excited Aunty I've blogged on her again...

New mum (2nd-time round!) & my sis, Bel

Penny looks like a little cherub with very kissable cheeks and such lovely brown hair!! Charlie will wonder what's going-on there. :)

July 16, 2008

Three Becomes Four

A beautiful little girl has been added to the family! My big sister Bel & brother-in-law Angus welcomed Penelope Kate yesterday morning in Australia...

We're very thankful to God for her safe arrival and good health and to have the boy-girl ratio a little more balanced-out! Us "older" girls are very ready for tea-parties and dress-ups. :)

I've been promised more pictures soon so there may be an update including older brother Charlie.

We can't wait to meet the newest little-one next month.
Much love to you guys and well done!

July 13, 2008

Camp is not what it used to be...

We have just got back from a retreat in TX and all our usual camp expectations - cold showers, average food, early mornings, bunk beds - have been shattered, much to our relief!

Laity Lodge is a retreat located in a canyon outside of San Antonio with the vision (amongst other things) of providing people with a beautiful place to learn, reflect & enjoy Christian community - all for the glory of God.

Laity Lodge -we stayed in the furthest building, out over the water!
View from our balcony, as the sun come-up

Aside from the hotel-style accommodation and gourmet food, (which had us laughing at our own Aussie camp memories), it was a real blessing to get time-out together. To sit in the stillness of the canyon, swim in the river and enjoy God’s creation was refreshing.

We went from this...
To this..
Plus no cell phone or internet access was very liberating, despite our initial panic attack. (Bel – thank you for holding-on a few extra days with baby #2!)

Nathan was there as the guest musician for the couples retreat and the benefit we received from retreating and relaxing with other christian couples was wonderfully surprising.
"Christian" husband Nathan! :)

We had group sessions each day with speakers Jan & David Stoop from CA, and it wasn’t cliche or “smoochy”! The Stoops, from their years of experience, talked about the diversity of relationship, the beauty of the promise we exist within and the challenge of making it work for a lifetime.

To share the journey, for just a few days, with married couples of 51 years down to just 6 months taught us more than we expected.

Although, I do have to include a little about the daily activities – in case this was starting to sound like just a resort with bible teaching. There were optional crafts each afternoon – but not as corny as it sounds - and we opted for wood-working. Makes me chuckle even as I write it, as it sounds so wholesome!!

Not the most lady-like shot!

It was seriously fun. We’d never taken a rugged piece of wood and actually made something useful. The missing link in me for this craft = patience… which is definitely why Nate’s efforts look so much nicer! ☺

So if life ever takes you toward Texas and the thought of some time-out in the canyon sounds appealing, we highly recommend Laity Lodge. And fellow Nashville musicians, if they come-a-calling please consider it!

July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We celebrated America's independence yesterday. As honorary citizens we felt it only appropriate to get involved and see what independence feels like!!

It wasn't bad... not bad at all.

We had a snoozy morning, did a bit of pottering around our home and headed-out for burgers & fireworks with friends - who wouldn't want that?! :)

(oh - and tasty Strawberry Shortcake... That's a traditional desert here at this time of year... Funny thing was, it tasted just like old-fashioned British scones with jam and cream - can anyone say "irony"?)

Sadly I was camera-free and don't have proof of any of it. But a good time was had by all.

Commonwealth buddies, just wanted to fill you in some on the state of Independence.

Tis late.. Best sleep...