September 25, 2008

A Tale of 2 Nathan's... And a Naomi... Oh, and a Cassie!

Nate, Cass, Naomi & Nath

Fall has arrived with gorgeous weather, just in time to greet some more fellow-Aussie's on a trek around the globe!

Nath & Naomi stopped-by this week, via China, India, Romania & New York - nothing like diversity to keep you on your toes! But they quickly settled into Southern life and we thoroughly enjoyed sharing it with them.

(And once the "Nathan" complication was sorted out we were rocking!)

We took a stroll across the bridge into the city to check-out Broadway...
And Nate shared one of his favorite guitar stores, much to everyone's delight. The excitement was palpable! *
We taste-tested some cupcakes at a new little store in Franklin - it passed with flying colors. And headed out to hear some great live music in the evening after munching on Mexican.
And finally, we enjoyed an early evening wander at The Hills Center - with particular attention paid to Wholefoods, of course! Nath, with his supermarket expertise, decided it was one of the more snazzy spots to buy food. We followed the path of free samples and managed to cover every course from appetizer to desert. :)
As Nate and I pack-away our tour-guide uniforms for another month we pray you have a safe onward journey Nath & Naomi, & that the sun continues to shine for you in Mexico!

Thanks for visiting us!
Nt & C.

(* jokes..)

September 18, 2008

Cats.. And we don't mean the musical!

For those of you who have been lucky enough to experience our fabulous feline neighbors, here's the latest.

Just when we thought it couldn't get more odd (eg. old Aunt Shirley, the cat-lover, creeping over into our yard to poopa-scoop for us!) the following little drama unfolded one morning last week...

Nate was out the back having a brief chat with Shirley, who asked if we knew anyone with a farm who would take cats. It seems she is done with hosting all 11 of her furry-friends. So she's looking for a new home for them, to which we say - HOORAH!

Then, as I wandered-out onto the porch to water, I saw a dead cat!!! Cold, not a breath of life left, right there on the front lawn. EWWWW...

For all our wishing and hoping that the cats would go away, having them keel-over on our property wasn't quite the plan (no, really, it wasn't... :) )

So something tells me that maybe Aunt Shirley isn't such a cat lover after all - maybe her idea of this "farm" is really a happy place in the sky and the cats final resting place is wherever they fall.

If a 2nd lifeless kitty appears we'll know there's something amiss.

Stay tuned... C

Ace of Cakes

This is something slightly random, but totally blog-worthy. I've seen, and now feel compelled to share...

Our good friends Deb & Pete celebrated their little boys 1st birthday last weekend, and here is the cake that Deb just happened to whip-up for the celebrations.

OH MY WORD!!! Is anyone else blown-away with how awesome this yellow chick looks? "Ace of Cakes" on the Food Network could be syndicated to Australia in no-time with Deb.

Hmmm... And it really does call to mind the Women's Weekly cakes of old that Nate and I so enjoyed - it seems the Ghost cake and Maypole cake may have to step-up and get a make-over if they are to compete. *

Fellow Americans, check out the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book on Facebook if you want a glimpse of Australian birthdays in the 80's. For real, it's such a cultural icon it has it's own facebook page!

Well, Deb & Pete, I hope there were plenty of pictures taken to capture the moment and you all enjoyed the devilish amounts of butter and sugar.

And Deb, again - WOW!

[*Disclaimer - mum - you always did a terrific job! Cheese cubes stuck into oranges was a party treat in itself :) ]

September 8, 2008

The reason for this season

We finally reached the wedding weekend for Beth & Fletcher - the whole reason we've been back in Australia these past few weeks!

It was a beautiful weekend spent in the small town of Berry, about 3 hrs outside of Sydney. Along with all the fun wedding festivities, we enjoyed a mini-retreat at Woodbyne - the Boutique Hotel & Reception Venue. Great choice Beth & Fletch!

View from our room - complete with moo-cows in the distance *

Nathan & I thoroughly enjoyed watching the beautiful day unfold and felt privileged to witness Beth & Fletcher commit their lives to each other and start-out on a brand new journey together.
The ceremony was God-honoring and the reception dinner a very joyful celebration of family, friends and love! You really couldn't ask for more..

Nate & his gorgeous sister, Beth
The newly wedded! And not so newly wedded...
Beth & Fletcher put us all to shame with a wonderful waltz & were quickly overrun with our less refined efforts. :)
Dancing into the night

Time to catch-up with family was also wonderful, after a few weeks of busyness. With no other responsibilities we simply sat back and soaked-up the time with dear ones...

Kate, Pete, Nate & Chloe
Oh, love was truly in the air!
And so now we pack our MANY bags & head for home...
C & Nt.

*Our 3 yr old niece Chloe created an amusing game for herself - wooing the cows to the fence with grass, only to flick open her Wiggles Umbrella and send them running scared!

September 2, 2008

Making-up For Lost Time

The past three days have been spent blowing bubbles, crawling around on our hand & knees & dodging mud puddles in the yard with our niece and nephews. These three little ones have kept us very entertained.*

We were so excited with Charlie knowing and saying our names, we pretty much did anything he asked..
And meeting the two newest little ones was such a joy. We are very thankful to God for each of their lives & unique personalities.

the little doll...
Oh, and seeing their parents was awesome too. :)
All-in dinner making time with Steph, Bel, Gus & Nate (& Penny)

Love Nt & C

(*Disclaimer: we got a bit over-excited with posting pictures but since we're the Uncle & Aunty we figure that's ok!)