November 27, 2008


We have had an intense few days of Australian-love! The combination of seeing Baz Lurhman's Australia and celebrating Thanksgiving with American's wanting to know all about Australia (cricket was a hot topic that night!) we have been reflecting a lot on our homeland.

Can it be said that we loved the movie?! Whether it's kitsch, cliche, long, epic, or all of the above, we didn't mind a single bit. We are Aussie's living in a faraway land and so we soaked-up the 2 hrs 45mins of watching our beautiful country on widescreen, complete with real Aussie actors and familiar Aussie sayings we know all too well (whether we like it or not!).

It did take us a second or two to stop cringing at the "Aussie-ness" of the script. We felt a wee-bit embarrassed for our country in the company of our American friends, until we both realized that what we were cringing at was exactly what makes Australia special & different from anywhere else. We quickly become very proud citizens. :)

Although we normally reserve our blog for the interest of others, this blog is more for the interest of ourselves! This is our very own brag-book - a few of our own Australian memories through pictures, memories & places that we are very thankful for.

We will enjoy the craze that is Australia while it lasts - embracing all the crikey's and kangaroo's that we can! After all, we peer through rose-colored glasses over a wide ocean.

(Shane - it's a good thing you're visiting to fix-up the damage we've done in trying to explain cricket. You should have seen the looks of confusion at Thanksgiving dinner last week!)

November 22, 2008

Picture of the Weekend

Leaves.. Lots and lots of them all over our lawn.

1st - we are season-less Aussie's
2nd - we are apartment dwellers...
So it did take some time for us to figure out that the leaves weren't going to move on their own, and in fact, they would just pile-up higher and higher. Would we even see if one of Aunt Shirley's cats pitched a tent on the lawn?! It was getting more desperate by the day..

So as saturday morning rolled around, with slightly "warmer" weather, we rugged-up and raked. And raked and raked. And wondered the whole time if this is what everyone else does, or only the clueless Aussie's?

I felt sure that it all looked so much more fun on the Cosby Show. And Nate felt sure that no show could make this look remotely fun.

Then we watched as more leaves fell... The Season of Fall is so perfectly named.

To think that I laughed out loud at the giant rake Nate purchased - "that was all they had?!" - our little Aussie version of the rake, that I had expected, would've hung its head in shame.


November 16, 2008

It must be a slow news week...

I have a new hobby - goodbye thumb twiddling, hello knitting!

With time to burn as we travel, sitting in a car / hotel / church, I have decided to use it for good (and at the same time, according to Nate, fulfill a certain Christian wifey stereotype!).

I have affectionately called this first scarf Tar Heel, after the State we have been touring as it was knitted and kept me entertained. N & I think the length of a scarf will be our guide to the length of a tour (or maybe just the length of my patience as I sit through another concert - this one was gearing-up to be SUPER long until I ran-out of wool :) )

(i realize the eyes do have a slightly crazed look.. I finally feel asleep at 2:30am this morning and headed to bible study at 6am... That could be it.)

Despite my noble aim of knitting for others, I think I need a little more practice - so Nate's matching sock and singlet set will have to wait. My sister once gave dad a knitted sunglasses case - maroon and pale blue even! - so look-out family, it could be a woolly Christmas.

C x