December 28, 2008

Christmas Festivities

We were counting down the sleeps till family arrived, and had finally reached the day, only to receive a call that the flight had been delayed and they wouldn't arrive till the next morning.

ARRGGHH!! One more sleep to add to the count..

Tuesday morning the whole tribe arrived, babies and all, ready for some winter-time Christmas festivities.

The lights at Opryland Hotel

Steph, J & Shane

We braved the cold for the Christmas Eve service at church, and spent Christmas day giving gifts, sleeping, eating and enjoying general merriment. And we are now fully aware that it's totally "normal" to call things ninky nonk's & makka pakka's!

fiddly, tiny, Ninky Nonk.. And Nate..

We also tackled our first turkey - those are some big birds. It was cooked, and didn't deflate (Griswold-style) so we'll count it a success. :)

The rest of our time so far has been spent enjoying lots of cuddles with the littlies, and laughs and chats around the dinner table. It is very nice to have a full house (even if that means a collection of used nappy bags on the back steps every evening and morning. We have a very efficient poo fairy!)
More family vacation adventures are on the way..

December 10, 2008

A bit of this and that

Since we're sitting here at home, off the road for a few weeks, counting down the days till Christmas, you're going to be subjected to some pretty "boring life" blogs!

Assuming you even continue to log-on...
You would be easily forgiven for clicking Back..

And if you're still with me (Dad) here's a wrap-up of the last week or so.

We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. "That's not boring - that's wonderful!" I hear you say.. So true, it was very special, complete with flowers and a few glasses of wine to toast the blessing of our nuptials. We cherish the journey together and thank God for His mercies.

(from Nate to me, in case there was some concern)

We've been bought up-to-date on the latest fashion for poochies while dog-sitting - see here the Fall/Winter Range 2008. I'm dying to see what '09 brings us!

Willis Scott - sporting a fabulous, mulit-toned fleece parker...

Ellie Sayles in a DIVINE argyle knit vest.

And yes - the Christmas festivities have begun! Here is a tiny glimpse of our (borrowed) tree. A true unveiling, complete with us in matching christmas sweaters, is on the way.

Fir and garlands, and all things icicle make so much more sense here in the Northern Hemisphere. It is lovely to see Santa and his Reindeer on people's front lawn minus the melting faces!