February 26, 2009

Crazy for the 80's

You may think blog-times are tough when we post on the following. But this is a glimpse at life on Porter - and when you dare to glimpse, you take a gamble on what you're going to get! :)

It's easy to say our past week has been completely ruled by 80's music flashbacks. It's taken over our conversations, speakers, LP purchases - everything!

I think the CA drive-time & the inordinate amount of hours we spent together started it all. Prompted by an 80's radio station, we swapped our earliest memories of Video Hits, the ones that really stuck in our brains - Nate's was Europe's "Final Countdown" & mine was Icehouse's "Electric Blue" - ah, so good!!

Let's all just take a moment for musical appreciation & check out "Electric Blue". This clip cracks me up everytime (yes, I've watched it more than once this week!). And please, do let me know if his hairstyle shocked you as much as it did me - thankfully some things are NOT stuck in the brain.. I truly wasn't prepared...

Side note: as little girls, my sisters and I owned two rabbits = Crazy and Electric Blue, named in honor of Icehouse. How hip were we??!!

With Video Hits fully analyzed over hours of driving, & re-visited thanks to YouTube, we have kicked into a week of obsessiveness over our favorite bands and songs from times past. If only you could see Nate playing air drums to Cliff Richard's "Wired For Sound (I Like Small Speakers)". Priceless.

And from there it's really all been downhill - or uphill, if Wham, Lionel Richie & Whitney Houston* are still your cup of tea.

Life at Porter Rd needs an injection of modernity - maybe even making it into the 90's would be good. Until then, it's back to "well, you gotta be crazy baby..."

I couldn't resist adding this little gem too - "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" Whitney Houston - definitely smile worthy and full of hairbrush microphone memories. And strangely enough, it seems the afore-mentioned hairstyle makes a reappearance, in female form this time!!

February 14, 2009

Picture of the Week

It seems that these types of cakes aren't reserved for special moments between loved-ones, but also for the all-in church community pot-luck dinner!

A picture was as close as we got to this personalized treat - it was whisked away to be devoured before we scored a piece. Truthfully, that's ok, after our "pot-luck" meal we were in need of a break.

(it's amazing how many ways cheese can be cooked in casserole form! Not even the lovely lady who served the food knew what each dish was, there was a lot of guess work :) )

Homeward bound tomorrow x

February 6, 2009

Sunshine on our faces

We are self-confessed sun-lovers so tour time in CA suits us just fine during winter. Sweet sweet California... It warms our skin and defrost our bones, for a few days at least! Thunder and rain has settled-in now, but we loved the rays while they lasted.
Santa Monica was our destination of choice this time, for a days outing in the sun. We took our pasty white bods to the beach and enjoyed the sand between our toes for a few hours. I think it could well be one of the widest stretches of sand we've ever seen!
After enjoying the last of the rays we hit the road to our evening gig in Oxnard, taking the scenic Coastal Highway. My pictures do it no justice - it is a really beautiful part of CA and stirred our love for the Aussie coastline.

hmmm.. hello sunshine...

The rest of the time has been gigging / working. Just the norm :) So there may or may not be another blog from here - we'll see where the road takes us!

February 1, 2009

Our past week

After hearing reports of the sweltering heat in Adelaide - 116 F! - it was strange to wake-up on Tuesday morning to our first (light) sprinkle of snow..

I'm thinking friends in colder places will point and laugh at our definition of snow! But we are PATHETIC cold people so it's a good thing this is the most we have to deal with.

Wednesday night we headed out to hear Tim Keller speak on his latest book, Prodigal God. We've both been reading & learning from Tim in different ways over the last few years, so it was great to hear him speak on the parable of the lost son. Tim lives and ministers in NYC and has a great passion & focus for bringing Christ to diverse urban communities. I can't express his thoughts half as clearly.. so I wont try.. buy the book!

Bouncing from a God-soaked message to something entirely different, the next night we went to hear Brett Dennen play a show in Nashville. Brett is a GIGANTIC pale red-headed reggae-style singer, with a love for thrift-store fashion, burning incense, and songs that question love & the after-life. Need I say more?!

And to end if all off, we went on friday night to watch good friend Tyler Chester play bass for Fiction Family - the latest musical venture between Jon Foreman & Sean Watkins. Tyler has played bass at some West Coast shows with us, so he kindly put our name on the door. We knew he was talented, but WOW, wow wow. He killed it that night, playing bass, three types of keys, shaker & singing a little too. Fiction Family weren't bad either... :)

Oh, Nate also headed back into the studio to record (!), and we packed our bags and flew to CA (on the same plane as Robert Plant from Led Zepplin).

It was quite a week... HELLO headache..