July 29, 2009

A day beside the ocean

Sweet, sweet joy of joys - the beach!

Our inner-Aussie has been longing for salty water & sandy feet all summer-long. And Tybee Island was just the cure.

Mum & dad - attune to our silent suffering in TN, our battling-on without gripe or complaint - fully embraced the sun & sand with us, in place of another day in historic Savannah.

(Ok, so maybe my beach martyrdom hasn't been that silent. I might have mentioned it in passing. It may even be likely that a proviso for accompanying them to GA was a day by the ocean. Just maybe...)

However it came to be, it was utter perfection, enjoyed by young & old alike.

I don't have many pictures to show, as this is where my soul-baring gets shaky... or more accurately my bikini-baring. It's heads, shoulders & knees my friends!

And to end the day, a quick little drive-by the tallest Lighthouse in GA.
We are sun-kissed & rested, and headed for Charleston. There is 1 more day on this Southern State jaunt, before heading for home.


July 28, 2009

Tea in Savannah

We stopped-in for lunch, & a break from the heat, at this tasty spot - Gryphon Tea Room.

The shop used to be a pharmacy, which means my local Rite Aid has well & truly fallen from glory. Bring back stained-glass ceilings & dear little wooden drawers to hold my Advil. I'd feel better in no time!

We didn't actually try the tea, but mum did & she assured me it was wonderful. Plus they serve free almond cookies, so it could be the worst tea in the world & you wouldn't mind a bit!

Paris in Savannah

Allow me to share one of the treasures we found yesterday while wandering.

The Paris Market. Oh my. I wanted to move right in.

We "browsed" & tried hard not to get our sweaty little mitts on their pretty things.

I especially avoided looking in any mirrors, dare I catch a glimpse of the extremely un-Parisian frizz I was sporting.

It even has a little cafe upstairs so you can snack on croissants & coffee amongst these lovely things.

And that is all for now. I have to work through the myriad of pictures of tree moss & park squares before I can post on anything else. :)

July 26, 2009

Beautiful Savannah

We arrived early evening into this small Southern city, set-out to dinner, and quickly found this place has an eerie beauty that is irresistible.
The summer air is humid, there is hanging moss on every tree & the streets, lined with row-after-row of old homes, are peacefully quiet except for the sound of cicadas.

We're staying in a quint little B&B within walking distance of most things, which we easily covered today.
There is a lovely river that runs downtown, but my favorite part of the city is all the squares. There are dozens of them! Complete with places to sit, huge trees & a monument or two. Me thinks they like their history here.
Wesley monument

This was taken early-on in the day, before my unruly hair took-up residence in frizz-ville. Just a minor drawback of the tropical South. Nothing a good set of corn rows can't fix.

I for certain will take FAR too many pictures of the hanging moss. But promise not to post another single picture on the blog. Or at least I'll try really hard not too...

There is plenty more to share - a tea room, antique shops & beautiful buildings. But I'll ease you in. Let you soak-in the balmy, mossy, old-world surroundings for now.

This is fuzzy-head signing-out!

July 24, 2009

Finished Floor

I neglected to share the final result of Nate & Dad's floor-fixing efforts! I know you've been waiting with bated breathe to see how it all worked-out.

Drum-roll please. Bbbrrrrrr.......

Ta-da! A much better solution than my cardboard boxes, & not much more expensive either - love cheap trade!

Happy weekend. :)

July 21, 2009

Final Moncton Memories

My plans to pop-over to Nova Scotia or sun-bathe at the beach didn't quite come to fruition, perhaps a little unrealistic with a week full of rallies. BUT, there were some major must-do's that we'd been hearing about all week & I'm happy to say we squeezed them in...

To celebrate the weeks-end, Sebastian & his pose from The Little Mermaid were on the menu! Having picked the majority of our evening meals straight from the hotel vending machine, the offer of fresh Atlantic Lobster was, oh, just a little bit appealing.

Dean, the more "mature" of the Tidal Impact crew, filled his esky & packed his shell-smashing tools to give us all a taste. And it was divine... messy, melt-in-your mouth divine.
And pray-tell, why do I not have a single picture of the meal itself? I was too busy stuffing my mouth & licking my fingers to care about my camera :)

With a day-off & free of our band "children" - who were bound for home - we took a drive to Prince Edward Island. A few facts that must be noted about this funny little spot..

- it's connected to the mainland by an 8 mile bridge, the longest in the world, which was completed only 14 years ago. Up till then, the island was accessible by ferry.

- the bridge toll is $42.50 !!
- with the bridge, came electricity. Until then it was also bought over by ferry, generator-style.

- for several months a year the island is completely shut-off from the rest of the world. Due to the fierce weather no one leaves & no one enters.
- regardless of how long you live on the Island, if you're not born there you don't belong.

- it's the home of Anne of Green Gables. Indeed!
- finally, it's very beautiful & made-up of quaint little towns that time forgot.

But truly, what Nathan had been waiting for all week was to wear a pair of moose ears in public. At a reasturant in fact. He was really really looking forward to that. Can't you just see the excitement in his eyes as I cheered & clapped for him to put them on?!

A fitting end to our Canadian adventures!

July 20, 2009

Tidal Impact '09

The reason for our Canadian Maritime trek was to help lead worship & provide music for Tidal Impact '09 - an annual rally for youth in Eastern Canada.

Considering our lack of knowledge about Moncton, the cool summer forecast & hectic 8-day schedule, we were just a little dubious as to how it would all unfold. I felt sure it would be the longest week of my life in an off-the-map location, where French is fluent & Englishman are not warmly welcomed. *wink*

Instead, we were blessed with an amazing (& English) week - when will I learn?!

We were humbled with the opportunity to see God at work in the lives of 400+ youth, & to once again experience the thread of the gospel that binds us together as family with Christian's everywhere.

There was such a desire to follow Christ & a passion to worship through singing, service & prayer. We easily forget sometimes, bouncing around the countryside, that Christ graciously allows us these glimpses of faith & salvation.

It's powerfully exciting!

July 17, 2009

New Brunswick.. Or New Zealand?

Hard to tell at times, the difference from one end of the earth to the other. During our time spent in Moncton NB (Canada) I've regularly forgotten where I am.

Combine the evergreen pine trees, clean air, cool sunshine weather & super-friendly natives with an unusual accent (here it's American-French-Dutch) - & I could just as easily be at the opposite Pole.

Wednesday's sight-seeing trip only furthered my disorientation. We took a drive to Hopewell Rocks, a beach where the tide heads-out by over a mile, leaving huge cliffs & rock faces to enjoy (before the tide comes creeping back in again). Beautiful.

The hard line/edge is where the water will rise to again!

Pick the muso-city-folk with the inappropriate footwear! Seriously. Everyone else donned sturdy hiking boots or thick-soled sandles to navigate the rocky, muddy terrain. Thankfully Canadians are too polite to point & laugh.

And this trip we weren't alone! Peter & Dustin came-along for the ride. They are uncannily like our aussie band in their enthusiasm, goodness of heart & sense of humor. A welcome addition to the usual Tasker travel duo.

Peter (bass), me, Nt & Dustin (drums)

The drive home meant a quick stop for fish & chips, & another taste of things closer to home. Sadly, this didn't prevent us from being daft foreigners - along with a few other items, we ordered two clams. You know, "just a taste". Ever seen a deep-fried clam??! They resemble the thickness & length of a malnourished earthworm.

1. 2.

Note the face, followed by "aahh, two?"

A-hem... This time our group did laugh. But the kind gentlemen clearly understood our mishap and threw in a bunch more for free. Happy happy - fresh, seaside fish & chips.

There will surely be more NB adventures to share! But for now, after 5 days straight of youth rally madness, its sleep time.

Au Revoir.

July 11, 2009

"Mum" Photo's

I love my mum and I love having her here to visit. It's a joy to share life for a bit - cooking, talking, eating, walking, shopping. But I'll be darned - she can't take a decent photo!

She is a self-confessed average photographer. For a world traveler & grandma this is quite a shame, and a laugh for all of us. Allow me to share from today's fun outing to the Farmers Market with Gabe & Keely...

Exhibit A: surrounded by bright, lovely, luscious fresh produce, mum manages to "feature" the charming concrete pillar next to Nate.

Exhibit B: realizing her mishap (gotta love digital) she returned for a 2nd shot & wanted to be sure to really get it all in. So she backed-away a little, and a little further, and just a step or two more...

I think we're smiling. Not too sure. At least any closed-eye issues go unnoticed.

But all is not lost - thank you iphoto zoom & crop. Desired result achieved...

Ah - there we are!

And yes, that is a whole vase of flowers held by Keely. That's how they roll here at the markets. You buy a sweet, $5 posey of flowers & they feel compelled to throw-in the glass vase as well, just because! A truly generous - albeit heavy - southern gesture of kindness.

July 9, 2009

We have a gap in our living room floor...

Have so for over a year now.

It's become quite a feature of the room - an endearing monument to our lack of productivity & limited handyman skills. Oh, and a constant, mocking reminder that we're related to a builder who lives miles across the ocean.

My comfort level with this gap could well be a sign of things to come, living in a permanent state of "fix-up". You come to visit and there's always a window missing or hole in the ceiling.

Anyway, when I say gap I really mean floor-board missing, strip of nothingness currently covered with cardboard. Not terribly stylish.

From one visitor to the next it has remained that way. Our make-shift solution has obviously not won awards with dad, so he's taking it upon himself, along with Nate, to finish it off.
Sure, they took a run to Home Depot; stocked-up on wood, nails & stains.
Measured & planned; theorized & plotted.

But essentially, this unavoidable fact remains - a business executive & a musician are mending my floor.
Worried much?