November 27, 2009

Till I have a second more...

... here is 1 picture chosen from 300+ taken during our Thanksgiving celebrations in Texas.

Gabe, Keely & Nate

I flicked through hundreds of snaps, taken since we arrived here on Wednesday, and I picked this one because....??

I was a little overwhelmed at the quantity of pictures... I have an unshakable love for scenery and objects, which are of little value here... I'm sleepy & need to go to bed... And most importantly, it captures the heart of this holiday trip - three of my favorite people outside at lovely Round Top enjoying a Thanksgiving feast!

I will expand upon this post soon. But first I must sing, sleep & Tetris my way through a 13.5 hr drive home to Nashville.

C x

November 16, 2009


This past week we were in Nth Carolina! Things of note in an otherwise pretty normal week...

- we were spoiled with warm hospitality from Lisa & Dustin's parents & learned all sorts of insider facts about these two lovely friends, including pictures that span the decades. My favorite kind!
- there was some poorly prescribed cold tablets from Nate at 11AM that made our legs feel like lead-weights & our brains all fuzzy. Not advised.
- and a lego store. LOVE the lego store. It was a highlight.

I lingered for longer than was polite, loudly exclaiming that there were SO many things to pick for the nephews, all the while trying to figure out how I would explain my planned Porter Rd lego-land to Nate. This guy would stand at the city gate, that was a definite...

So many little lego heads waiting for me to pick them a body & hat & tool.

Tell me this - why are the good people of lego-land so industrious? Directing traffic, putting-out fires, tractoring things. There is a definite lack of lego people taking a nap or reading a book.

They had a whole wall of buckets filled with spare parts.

And these little do-it-yourself lego-people makers.

I'm thinking his scowl is on account of his claws-for-hands & nubby head & lack of pants.

And of course the usual fancy displays, putting my own lego efforts to shame.

Oh, the ENDLESS hours spent building lego-lands & matching the box with the parts & trying to get it all to fit. I was seriously close to buying myself the RV / Holiday set for ages 6-12.

I was left feeling a little homesick. And just a touch geeky. But not empty handed! Thank you CJ for an excuse to purchase.

Am I alone in my grown-up love for lego?

November 4, 2009

Forgotten Bruges

This time last week we were in Belgium (so strange) and at the end of another fun-family outing, this time to Bruges.

Bruges was outshone by it's more sparking cousin (Paris) & missed getting some air-time. But now, with the travels all done 'til Saturday & as I re-work the groove in our couch at home, I thought it quite unfair that such a charming & stylish little treasure got overlooked!

So here is Bruges...

It's the Venice of Belgium with canals that wind through the main city.

Beautiful old Flemish designed buildings.

Row-upon-row of fashionable stores & modern design.

And it's the setting for a Colin Farrell movie of death, dark humor & the f-bomb, quite appropriately named "In Bruges". But that's probably not how you should first get introduced to Bruges. It doesn't do it justice. And it will make you blush. And sweat just a little.

Instead, take a boat ride & enjoy the city from the water as the sun sets.
You'll find beautiful & pretty thing in Bruges.

(warning: bicyclists in Bruges have a death wish - more for pedestrians than themselves! Considering that 99.9% of the population are on bikes that's a fair warning).

So perhaps more accurately...

You'll find beautiful & pretty thing in Bruges & a high percentage of fast peddling mow-you-down cyclists.