March 29, 2009

Yep! Snow!

The rain became snow, and then the snow became an all-covering white blizzard - which would've made for a PERFECT snow day if Rogers AR wasn't calling. So Nate put his flip flops to good use, scrapped off BAV, and we hit the road.

If snow were swapped for fur, doesn't it strike an uncanny resemblance to the Dog-mobile in "Dumb & Dumber"? Kind of how we felt, actually, driving in a blizzard with zero experience.

What should’ve been a 3 ½ hr drive ended up taking over 5 ½ hrs as we crawled eastward, praying we wouldn’t finish-up like a lot of other motorists - stranded in a ditch on the side of the icy road.
Nate was calm under pressure, the king of defensive driving, especially considering he hadn’t even seen snow till moving here 2 years ago. Quite inappropriately I got the gigles at times in response to his white-knuckle grip - he had to pry his fingers from the steering wheel once we arrived.
But we made it – us and Fedex are committed to our calling!! Come rain, hail or shine Nate & Fedex will come through with the goods.

And believe it or not, the very next day, on the exact same road – this is how it looked:
Oh, Oklahoma...

March 27, 2009

Snow? Really?

Umm... Can someone please let Oklahoma know that it's spring time?! This is just a little bit unnecessary...

We were very thankful for the people that braved it and came out to hear Nathan play - it was at least very warm on the inside!

March 26, 2009

Okie Time

Turns out there IS stuff to do and great places to eat in Oklahoma City....
This lovely little list is care-of Kelsey - the sis of our dear friend Keely and an OKC hostess with the mostess. How cared-for are we? The paper is even sparkly.

Kelsey picked us up from our Hampton Inn this afternoon, and along with some super tasty cupcakes for treats (below), she drove us around to point out local sites and food haunts.

"Cuppies & Joe" and the adorable owners
There we are...
And there we are doing the only thing you can do with multiple auto-pics...
OKC apparently has more to offer than one blog can handle so there will be multiple posts (and apparently more weather than we packed for too - snow storms are forecast for tomorrow - argh)


March 10, 2009

Spring has sprung!

We are still below the 1o's from time to time, but the fact that we're hitting the 20's every now and then is thrilling! Add to that the budding of blossom's, and springtime is in the air.
Our kitchen window is finally filling-up again with white flowers, a welcome break from the view of our desolate yard. And my efforts at replanting blulbs has so far been a success!
Hmmm, yep, the congested clumps of new growth would suggest that my spacing was atrocious and it's a miracle that they didn't strangle each other on the way to the surface!! But it should make for a VERY bright spot (although very small) when they bloom.

[From here-on, my apologies for the boring non-essential new items - a little housey update for those interested]

We've been at home for a few weeks & it has bought-about a daily need to move furniture and change things around. Hello coffee table & TV stand, and goodbye dining room blinds & wall hangings...

(complete with new handles - love them!)

And so I am left with a big blank space that needs something to fill it! Any suggestions as to what I should do now??

It's a lucky thing we're back on the road again next week...

March 8, 2009

The End of an Era

We knew the "For Sale" sign was inevitable, but saying goodbye is still very sad. I grew-up in a few different houses but have come to see this one as my home, and it is by far one of our favorite places in the world!

It's not only a perfect spot to throw back the doors and take-in the view, but it holds some of my sweetest memories. A major one - meeting, falling in love with, and getting married to Nathan from here! Yes, I'm a sap!

I had moved-out, traveled, made some mistakes :), & returned for a few years of "grown-up" living with my parents before I got married. It was a sweet time sharing life with them at Illawarra St and something I'm very thankful for.

And admittedly, yes, it's a great place to throw a party!

Farewell Party; Lighting the way to our Engagement Party; Jess & Andrew's Wedding Party; Band BBQ (and Aja proving a water feature CAN double as a pool!); Christmas 2003; Engagement Party.

Since leaving Australia, I have cherished our visits to this gorgeous part of the world. We will miss it very much... Walking up the tree-lined street to grab coffee with Nate (or Mum or Tam!); waking-up to a misty Sydney Harbor; hearing the Lions at the zoo on the other side of the bay; seeing the huge ocean liners arriving & leaving; enjoying lazy dinners around the table with mum & dad as we watch the evening lights.

I am sad to say goodbye to a place full of memories & what I consider my Australian home. But it's true what they say - it's the people, not the place! And that is a beautiful certainty.

I wonder what memories the next place will hold?