June 18, 2009


That is the last name of my oldest sister Bel and her husband Gus. Rainbow.

Doesn't that just make you smile :)

Gus started dating my sister when I was in high-school - read = pesky teenager - and his colorful last name was just TOO much for me. The rest of the family had matured far enough to know better. And to not poke fun. And not make-up silly hand movements when saying it.

[How Gus ever looked past my adolescent self & grew to love me as a sister-in-law is a mystery!]

Anyway... Now-a-days, in my more matured, grown-up self I don't give Rainbow a second thought. It doesn't even register with me when chatting to people about my sweet sister & her husband.

With the arrival of their bundles of joy, a brood of little Rainbows is brightening-up the Hills of Adelaide, along with 2 cats, a coup of chickens and perhaps a sheep or two in the future [to save on lawn-mower time, of course!]. That briefly sums-up their charming, "hills are alive" life.

Their eldest, CJ, well & truly encompasses the Rainbow name. I don't think there is such a thing as too many hugs with CJ. Or too many imaginative worlds. Or too many smiles.
And so when my sister Bel sent through this little story about him it made my heart swell..

Hi - this just happened this afternoon and I had to tell you.
CJ was given a clock/radio/alarm by us a couple of weeks ago and he has been very excited by his new toy. The point was to teach him the time and help him to know when he could get up in the morning. The first thing CJ figured out was the button for turning the radio on and off (of course the radio is on 107.9 LIFEFM!).

10 mins ago CJ went to his room for his afternoon sleep and 5 mins ago he came running out saying 'see Nathan, see Nathan!' I had no idea what this meant and so followed a very excited 3 year old back to his room to stand in front of his clock/radio and 'see Nathan'.

It turns out CJ had turned on his radio and "Like you love me' just happened to playing - what he meant to say was 'hear Nathan' - so much for good communication CJ. :)

So we listened to the song - and CJ was very pleased that his clock has Nathan songs on it!

I love this story! We live thousands of miles away and have spent precious little time with him. What time we have spent is not likely to be as clear as a bell in his 3 year old memory.

"So I say
thank you for the music.."

And thank you Bel for playing Nate's music - your patience with repetition has paid-off! It's nice to know we can sound close even when far away.

The Real Post-Reno Picture

My original blog of Ruthie's newly made-over room wasn't quite true to form. She had a lot more changes to make after we'd swept through with our paint brushes - we were simply creating a clean canvas.

See here..
That's what a call a gorgeous room. And so grown-up! I walked-in and felt like I've just been playing house. Right down to the finishing touches...
Um, can someones please alert Vogue Living that there's an East Nash. room that needs some magazine time! Very inspiring.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go jump on my bed, stare at a poster of Jason Donovan & play with my Barbies!

June 16, 2009

Summer Storm

Australian summers very rarely include tornado-style storms & winds that roar through the house like a freight-train...

I was home alone and found the sound to be just a little terrifying.

And then thrilling! I quickly grabbed my camera & ran outside, minus my ruby slippers.

I eventually worked-out that the high-pitched wailing noise was a tornado siren, and made my way back inside. I figured Nate would not be hugely impressed with me wandering around as a tornado swept through!

It never did.

(Note the minor hint of disappointment).

As I type this the sun is sending down glistening rays. Talk-about a very confused weather system.

June 8, 2009

A Few More Pics...

We did manage to do more than a fly-by visit to sweltering Dallas while Beth & Fletch were here! We had a week of East Nashville fun - introducing them to our new neighborhood, friends & the joy of porch sitting.
Hot dogs at our local - "I Dream of Weanie"

It was a really great week and so wonderful to catch-up with them post-wedding!

Oh, and there was some local music talent to enjoy too. They joined us at Ruthie's benefit concert, featuring some awesome local talent, to raise money for her surgery. I have no pictorial evidence, but it was an amazing night - watch the news clip here and see our friends Will & Ruthie "live on TV".

June 4, 2009

NOW It's Summer!

For the third year in a row we headed down to Dallas, TX for a summer concert event. It is becoming our yearly tradition to welcome-in the season of sun.

And there seems to be a developing pattern of behavior that means I don't feel in full summer-mode until I have...

Felt warm rays on my skin; taken a dip in the pool; been the victim of a teeny spot of sunburn; attended a fun summer-time party care-of our hosts Brad & Holly; had a major calorie overload from tasty Texas treats; celebrated a June birthday; and been part of a awesome outdoor concert event that gets bigger by the year!

This year, to make it all the more fun - we had family in-tow, Beth & Fletch, along with great friend and musician Gabe.

Since I was too busy sunning myself by the pool and stuffing myself stupid with excessive amounts of tex-mex, I have ZERO pictures from our time at the house, or with Brad & Holly.

BUT I do have loads of pictures from the concert. And this is probably a refreshing change of pace for the blog - you can finally see what actually makes-up the majority of our life!

Here is my rockstar husband, and our rockstar bud, Gabe...

These are the brave souls that ventured down the lawn, out of the precious shade & close to the stage.. We love them..
The view as the night came to a close...Oh, and yes, the birthday! It included some air travel and gardening and long-distance phone calls AND a tasty dinner out one of our favorite spots just around the corner: Eastland Cafe.

It's official, summer is here. Yeehaw!
(I was told over the weekend to work on my yeehaw's :) )

June 1, 2009

Aussie's with paint brushes. Will work for friends.

I'm running out of rooms in our place, so I've started taking-over other people's homes with my rollers & paint brushes.

The paint-fume victims? Will & Ruthie Sayles*! These sweet friends had a bedroom they wanted to freshen-up.

And like the paint-addict I am, I was quick to volunteer (I'm seeking help.. truly I am).

Their ceilings are just a tad higher than I had remembered & quite A LOT higher than ours (!). Sooo, Nate got roped-in to help. And by default Will was also roped-in!

(Finally, I had a chance to practice my site management skills, be all directive, bossy and point a lot, analyzing their efforts. Below is one of my innocent workers - all smiles as he doesn't know the pain his shoulders are going to feel in the morning...)

DJ Will kept the tunes spinning...
And Miss Ellie kept an eye on us for the first evening, making sure we stayed within the lines...
Bye bye latte-brown. Hello serene pale blue (or Cosmic Rays, to be precise)

So so pretty, even before it's fully dry
I'm sure I laughed more than was helpful - so much for my boss-ambitions! We truly loved being able to lend a hand, and have the excuse to spend time with this gorgeous couple.

*Ruthie has an incredible story and would covet your prayers. x