August 31, 2009


Dog-lovers have been whittling away at me the last 3 years & warming-up my icy non-pet home. They come over with their furry little friends & I've no choice but to let my legs be continually licked & my hands chapped by the constant hand-washing.

My hesitation probably comes from a leesss than fabulous animal track record. In fact, out of my family I could well be one of the least gifted at hugging, kissing, petting, feeding & training non-human's.

But I've held no chance whatsoever against the charms of the poochie's owned by our friends - a kind German Shepherd.. Ity-bity Shi-Poo (now now, stop that).. Gorgeous golden-haired Willis. He doesn't need a breed title. He is his very own breed.

Plus don't forget Nate's undying love & affection for these not-so-minty-breathed friends.

Whittle whittle whittle...

Enter Izzy.
Izzy is visiting on & off for a while, & there will be more stories I'm sure - at the very least some back-story! But for now I simply wanted to introduce her & give her a friendly welcome to the web world.

She is my new & dear little fuzzy-eared friend.

August 26, 2009

Summer Nights (Mornings & Afternoons..)

Is there any way we can make this life permanent??
Late & lazy tasty breakfasts on the porch...

Loading-up with beach essentials & walking 100 paces to the sand...

A cooler full of snacks with no set schedule...

Soaking & chatting & reading till the sun starts to sink...

It's been a wonderful few days, we were tempted to just stay.. Such was a timely & refreshing break!

And the two sweet people that made this possible? Dustin & Lisa...

A shared love of New York City, mutual newness to Nashville & deep affection for the seaside quickly bound us to this lovely couple. They arrived in Nashville from NYC last summer &, understanding the pangs of moving, we shared a meal & haven't looked back!

They are expecting their 1st babe this Fall & we can't wait to meet the little one. It's been a treat to get some couple time before the diapers descend :)

August 25, 2009

Last Hoo-rah

Before summer completely waves farewell, we decided to feel the sand between our toes & saltwater behind our eye-balls on lovely Carolina Beach.

There was great company to be had (& free accommodation to share!) with Lisa & Dustin, so we tagged-along & have really enjoyed a beach-side break.

So far it's been two days of this....
As a result I don't have much else to share :)

But we did venture out to Wilmington last night (Dawson Creek fans would have been proud!) & enjoyed a "bucket of fish" beside the river. It was tasty & smelly & just the thing to do on a warm summer night.

More tomorrow!

August 14, 2009

The end of a week

We are feeling just a wee-bit exhausted on this balmy Friday afternoon.

Two things happened in the past week that for sure deserved their own individual week of stomach ulcers & nervous energy...

1. Nate played (ROCKED) a concert for a bunch of friends & industry crew here in Nashville.
2. I navigated the joyful process of extending our Visa's so we can continue to live & work in America. Unfortunately that is A LOT less interesting than Nathan's task & did not warrant any photo taking.

Lesson that I've learnt? Artsy-musical concert planning is dangerous when mixed with legal paperwork. Side effects may include loss of memory, staring into space, wearing Uggs in warm weather & an over-consumption of chocolate snack-cakes.

(Mmmm, chocolate snack-cakes... Now that is a very worthy blog topic....)

We aim to re-group over the weekend & enter the world afresh on Monday.

Happy Friday!

August 10, 2009

Nashville Concert

Please keep us in your prayers as we get ready for this on
Thursday night!

We're really excited to be sharing Nathan's music with friends
here in town!

(If you live in Nashville - please come! And pass the details along :) )

August 8, 2009

A Summers Saturday in East Nash.

Tomato Art Festival!
Facts about this fun-time gathering...

1. It's a tomato-love-fest!

2. It was (& apparently always is) sweltering hot.

3. It's a mix bag of fried & farm-fresh food - yes, one does seem to cancel-out the other - music, art stalls & vintage goodies.

Mas Tacos Van

Nate had a plane to catch, so this year it was just a quick bike ride over to see East Nashvillian's out to play. Fried green tomato tastings will have to wait till next year.

Oh, and a free Whole Foods tote - thank yup!

August 6, 2009

Houses in Savannah

I don't know why I've been so slow in posting this blog.. It really is a very delayed reaction. A whole week delayed! But still worth a showing I think.. Here tis...

Savannah seems to be the perfect walking city - flat, small, & most of what you want to see is right there in front of you!

For me, that means row-upon-row of pretty buildings.

It is city, amongst only a few in the South-East, spared from being burnt to the ground during the civil war.

So it still has many original old homes & churches.

I snapped away like a crazy person, and have now inflicted my boring holiday slideshow on you :)

I've also sneaked-in a few shots taken in Charleston - 2 hrs up the road & another beautifully restored old city.

Ok.. I'm done..
Oh, alright, one more picture of the moss.