September 27, 2009

Farms, Football, Food & Little Fets*

It's been quite a visit so far. Adelaide squeezed-in a whole lot of fun to only a few days!

It started with a wintry walk of mum & dad's new place in the Adelaide Hills. It's really pretty at this time of year, even when awash with water, so we rugged-up & dodged the rain. With wellingtons & a cup of tea Nate looked the part - I was wondering where his corgis & tweeds were!
I unfortunately didn't look as stylish for my farm outing with CJ. There were eggs to be collected & we both felt pj's & boots were in order at such an early time of day.

As luck would have-it, we were back in Australia just in time for the AFL Grand Final. Having grown-up with the tradition of GF Parties, it was exciting to be back for this years festivities. Steph & Shane's special effort made it a memorable one - decorations, 8-ounce steaks, tipping, half-time scones & jam, & a thrilling game.

Although I appear to be playing the Martha Stewart of the group - this act of beating was my only contribution!!

And of course there's been plenty of playtime, & changes to catch-up on since Christmas, with the 2 littlies. J found his feet & his hair!

As did Miss P. She has also developed a cheeky mis-trust of Nate - quite a turn after their BFF status at Christmas.

She extended an olive branch in the form of a banana on Sunday, but has been quite withholding of much other affection.

Nate is working on his broken heart.

We have one last morning here beside the ocean before we jump to Sydney for the week. Jetlag has come in the form of early wake-up's - so it's off for a shot of coffee.


[*Ct term for small child :) ]

September 24, 2009

Two Sides of One Day

Qantas Domestic Terminal, Sydney Airport:

Brighton Beach, Adelaide:

Hello Australia! It feels so good to have arrived.
Let the fun begin.

September 21, 2009

A Christmas Album In The Making

I'm sitting in the studio as I write this blog, listening to Nate do the vocals for a new batch of songs! The development of this fledgling project goes something like this:

--- Last December, as we looked at our mildly booked calendar, it become apparent that trying to tour around Christmas would be a whole lot more fun (& possible!) if we had something festive to play on.

--- We bantered about it, dreamt-up what we could do & Nate started playing around with carols that he liked.

--- By May the idea was mostly shelved to make room for other creative ideas & tunes that were being flung around Porter Rd.

--- Until July, when drummer extraordinaire (& Nate's current super-fav.) Aaron Sterling came to town. Aaron let Nate know that he was around, & available, if Nate had any recording he wanted to do.

--- The temptation to record Aaron drumming on anything was too great - so why not have him bash out some Christmas tunes. Why not, right?!

--- And so the Christmas album was born (personally, I blame Aaron).

The specifics of this merry project I will reveal when the time is right! It's all about the build-up, anticipation, momentum (read = it's all about me not yet having all the answers!)

We have 49 days to have it ready to roll. We'll be excited if we have time to sleep in that time-frame, let alone complete & release something new.

But even as I type this, the album is taking shape. And it's special. A new project, with a theme we've never done before. And it sounds great.

The best part is it's been made with love (albeit speedy love) by friends here whom we have come to cherish & admire - Gabe, Jeff & 2 Aaron's.


September 17, 2009

Time for a public service announcement:

We are headed to Australia next Thursday!

Nate is playing at Blackstump Festival on Oct 3rd, & while in town we're also getting our Visa's updated.

It's a sneaky, slippery trip that we weren't sure would include both of us until a few weeks ago, when we found out we'd have to leave the country, in order to stay in the country. Thank you US government.

(And thank you Mr Lawyer man.. That is a handy bit of information. Good of you to pass it along!)

Apart from the excitement of returning, we are a little terrified of how quickly the trip will arrive upon us. We are in Florida from today till the day before we flight out - so we'll have a night at home to sleep & repack - hopefully remembering it's socks, & not flip-flop, weather!

Please check-out the gig info if you're interested in catching Nate play (or catching me loitering at the back :) )


September 11, 2009

And it begins...

This week saw the end of Summer-fun on Porter Rd, and the beginning of what will be a rather manic few months. There are plans afoot for all types of travel & exploration - starting with good 'ole Oklahoma.

Try as we might we just can't keep away from this twister-loving State. :)

First port of call upon arrival in OKC? Cuppies & Joe. There is no other stop worth making until you get your fill of these little cakes. Try as I might, no matter the time of day or my resolve, I fall prey, weakened by the sweet scent of buttercream.

From the last 3 days - here is my spot...
Here is my chocolate mint cupcake..
And here are the lovely Elizabeth & Megan who own & run C&J's with their family & have become 'on-the-road' friends. Their joy & thrill at serving-up sugary baked goods makes it feel beneficial for your health. They are master's of trickery!

Don't stare into their gorgeous identical eyes for too long, they'll have you driving to OK in a cupcake trance.

Elizabeth & her mum make a variety of cupcakes every morning from the 30+ they have in their repertoire, selling over 1000 a day!!

One other sight seen while in OKC.. Collected Thread - a charming little store we browsed only quickly. There wasn't a great deal to keep Nate enthralled. I can't imagine why...

Ok, best sign-off. I'm buzzed beyond functioning & feel a sugar coma coming-on.

Off to drink a gallon of water.

September 8, 2009

Izzy: Upclose

Time to break it down & give you some essentials on our newest little house member!

Cue elevator music...

Izzy is a 14 week old pup, part Jack Russel/Chihuahua (we think).
Her nicknames are Wizzy & Piglet.
Her hobbies include bounding, playing with monkey toy, eating treats & weeing on our carpet.
Izzy lives in a smart little crate, splitting her time between the kitchen & our bedroom.
She hopes to one day master the skill of outside potty time & move into a cushy basket.
Primary late-night care-giver = Nate. But the weariness is felt family-wide. Yawn.

Backstory: Izzy & Atticus (her much larger, totally unrelated best friend) were found wandering East Nashville by a friend of ours, Katherine. Based on her timid & anxious personality, we think Izzy had a fairly rough start in life before packing her bags & hitting the road.

Katherine already has a little dog of her own, and didn't think she could take care of two more, yet she was very hesitant to split-up Izzy & Atticus indefinitely. Their Milo & Otis relationship is something quite unique!

Enter us!
The Plan: we take care of Izzy when we're home & get our fill of poochie affection. And Katherine takes care of her when we're out of town, giving Atticus & Izzy an extended play date.

This has been our first full week with her, and we head to Oklahoma tomorrow morning. So it's been a trial run to see how we all go splitting Izzy's time between 2 homes. We'll keep you posted!

September 6, 2009

Picture of the Week

Bruce & Wendy came to visit! We did all the usual outings & a bit of neighborhood wandering...

It was kind of them to come over & we were excited to finally share East Nashville with them!