December 30, 2009

Sweet Sleeping Baby

Gorgeous baby Ila let me take her picture during her 1st month in the world.

She can sleep like a bear in hibernation - handy skill as the daughter of a drummer.

And she smiled on cue when I cracked a joke, which pretty much means we're friends for life.


December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

May your holiday season be filled with good food

Dear friends to share it with

A bit of silliness along the way

And most of all, true rejoicing as we remember the Light of the world, Heaven's Son, come to earth as a baby to rescue us.
Such love!

C x

December 17, 2009

Pic of the Week.. Cue mornful strings..

A box arrived on our doorstep today & what should it contain? Packets of Aussie lollies, which as a youngster were mostly reserved for Christmas Day.

Eclairs. Minties. Columbines.

These packets of caramel, minty, chocolatey goodness were all I needed to fill-up beyond bulging, ruining any chance of eating Grandma's cold cuts at Christmas lunch.

Guaranteed, I had at least one of these lollies stuck in my teeth till my tongue felt fuzzy from all the sugar.. Along with permanently sticky fingers from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day.

(Notice I said at least one. Gosh.. Are you getting a picture of me as a child? Grubby & chubby? Yup!)

When grocery bags had a hint of these it meant school was near finished, summer had arrived, we could run-around under sprinklers & let watermelon run down our chins. And best of all Christmas was close-by.

On the flip - here it means it's freezing cold, I have to drink eggnog & wear itchy woolen items to avoid becoming a human icicle.

As we face our first ever Christmas alone, without any family, at all, anywhere - (not a hint.. at all.. anywhere) - well, lets just say we're feeling a liiiittle morose & a touch nostalgic.

The upside? No one tapping my hand away from the lolly bowl & no having to devise sneaky maneuvers into the "grown-ups" living room to snag a handful. I shall gorge myself in delightful, grown-up peace!

Oh - and thanks mum!!! Once I'm done lying in the fetal position hugging my childhood teddybear on-top of the lollies, I'll really enjoy them!


December 10, 2009

Food GlorioUS Food #3

We were up at 5:30am this morning to hit a bustling LA freeway by 6:15am. Dearly-me... Not surprisingly, breakfast was looow on our list of priorities. (as was communicating & general in-car-smiles, but that's for another time!).

So by 10:15am I was STAR-ving, my stomach was literally composing it's own tune. A good plate of real diner food was a must!

Here is what we found, & loved, & want to pass-on...

Food: Greasy spoon breakfast plates!
Vendor: Rae's Resaturant
Place: Santa Monica, CA

As promised, Rae's serves fresh, quick & cheap breakfast plates all day.

With a homely & charming original 50's interior to perfectly compliment the stomach-filling food.

So there you have it! Rae's... Is there anything better when in a hunger-predicament?


December 4, 2009

You're My Home

This day 5 years ago...
Oh, so young & in love.

Today - still in love. And young. Young-ish. Yes?

5 years seems momentous to me*. It's only a small number in counting, but in sharing life & work & travel & living space it feels like a significant amount of time!

I'm amazed at what we've crammed in to 5 years, & perhaps a little terrified of what we'll cram into the next 5! What should I be prepared for? What should my suitcase be prepared for? Do I have appropriate walking shoes?

It's been quite a journey... Some days it's left us feeling homeless & not entirely sure where we belong. Is home here, Australia or somewhere else?

Quite perfectly, with his God-given insight & wisdom, the exact message Reesy gave us on the day we got married has rung very true every day since - we are each others home. With Christ at the center, we have all we need in one another.

I pray the grace of God will take us through many more years to come & keep our home strong.

And thank you beloved rockstar of mine! Your patience & kindness is undeserved.


*After reading Nathan's card for our anniversary, complete with sentiments of love & future plans....

Me: aw, thanks babe. Wow, 50 years seems like a looooong time.
Nate: I can't believe that's the only thing you got out of my card.

December 1, 2009

Winner Winner, Turkey Dinner

This year's Thanksgiving adventures took us to Round Top, Texas - a town small in population (77!) but huge in Texan culture, food & hospitality.

Earlier in the year we dropped enough "lonely-Australian" hints with Keely & Gabe that they couldn't really leave us behind! So after a quick stop in Austin, to redeem the Austin Downer of '08, we found ourselves at a picnic table in the warm November sunshine of Texas with the Orr family.

Nate with our lovely & gracious hosts - Tommy, Kelsey, Kathy & Keely
(Gabe is there too! Flying below the radar)

And that was just the beginning... In 3.5 days we were immersed in a land of new traditions, foods, accents & football cheers.

From wandering antique stores, to navigating crowded college football stadiums...

From the making of two pies, to playing washers...

From some lazy porch hangs to some lazy long-horn bulls...

It was like being with family but in a foreign land where we didn't quite speak the language - we loved every second of it & are wondering who we call to book ourselves in for next year!

As is becoming my habit, here are some extra pictures in the oh-so-modern slideshow format.