December 19, 2010

Look Who Came To Visit

Nate, Beth & Fletch (& our 1st snowfall!)

These two did sneak-in to the Thanksgiving post a few back but had yet to receive their very own post.

And a post all their own is so rightly deserved! You see, they thought a visit to the South was all peach pie & rocking chairs & the summer-sound of cicada's.

Mwa-ha-ha!! Step into my web...

Such an idyllic picture is warm-weather Nashville... Come in the middle of December & there are leaves to rake; walls to paint; plummeting temperatures; & endless (ENDLESS) episodes of "How I Meet Your Mother" to sit through.

Such gracious guests...

Beth & Fletch, THANK YOU for visiting. Be blessed on your travels - I've got a feeling volunteer work will be a walk-in-the-park after Camp Porter.


November 26, 2010


I'm thankful for dear friends with an open door & an extra seat (or three!) at their Thanksgiving table.

I'm thankful for family who travel the world & include Nashville on the list of stop-overs.

I'm thankful for warm hospitality with plenty of laughs.

I'm thankful for food that is sumptuous & tasty & brimming with cultural uniqueness.

I'm thankful for conversation that runs well past the time it takes to eat the food on your plate.

And finally, I'm thankful for Americans who live-up to my expectations & fulfill their role in every way we foreigners hope they would... We love you Barry!

Oh, & I'm thankful for Lamingtons - for being super-duper yummy & doing us proud alongside their American counterparts.


November 25, 2010

Lamington Love

Today is Thanksgiving & I am wholeheartedly a HUGE fan of this holiday & all the trimmin's that accompany it.
We are heading-off to a lil family lunch in a few hours time & I thought we'd contribute something Australian to the desert options - Lamingtons.

With the help of some extra Aussie hands (Beth!) we successfully baked, dipped & covered a whole lot of little squares of love.

Happy Thanksgiving.. x

November 15, 2010

Pretty Find...

Gift cards by Bells and Whiselles...

These colorful, simple & fun cards were unearthed at a craft fair to be stocked in "Balhannah By Design" - a store in, well, Balhannah! I picked up a handful, as they're cheap, cheery & will surely never go to waste as I enter two months of birthday-anniversary-christmas craziness.

{Now, while not being a hugely bustling metropolis, Balhannah does have a devishly tasty bakery & one of the most lovely home/ clothes/ gift stores I've come across. Apparently Balhannah ladies are ladies of style!}


November 10, 2010

Life's A Zoo

I am beginning to think Oakbank is secretly a menagerie of wild & domestic animals. Each day brings a different furry, feathery, mooing creature by (or into) the house.

So far in our list of cartoon characters - 2 ducks & 4 ducklings, 1 chicken, a herd of cows and, most recently, a koala bear. Add a pair of peacocks & a kangaroo & we could charge for entrance at the gate.

This latest visitor was just sitting by the drive as I pulled-in, not fussed at all by my presence, or the mad dash for my camera. {In haste, I left the long lens behind... and combined with a fear of having my eyes gauged-out by his claws, I could only shoot from a distance. Apologies.}

Strangely enough, I genuinely cannot see a koala such as this one, with his gray fur & black fuzzy nose...

... And not immediately think of my middle sister, dressed comparatively...

Every. Single. Time.

Sister dressed as a koala by well-meaning crafty mother...

Try as I might dear sister, such is my mental state. Thankfully you make a very adorable human-koala bear, even if you are wearing a pair of stockings on your head, crutch-side-up.

And with that, I bid Adelaide adieu & turn my face for Nashville...


November 9, 2010

Springtime Roses

{from my parents garden}

South Australia grows roses in beautiful abundance, & this visit I have been watching-on with envy...


November 6, 2010


I made my way downstairs Saturday morning to a seemingly deserted, quiet kitchen. Still groggy with sleep & headed for the cereal, I turned & met this fine lass wandering in the open backdoor...

Sure, come-on-in.. Peck-around.. Don't mind me - I'm totally adept at dealing with feathered creatures bobbing around in the living room, clucking their way through our human abode.

More accurately, I screamed for my mum & hopped around the living room, sure the chicky would take flight toward my head at any moment.

My parents don't even own chickens...

The neighbors apparently have a runaway.


November 2, 2010

October 22, 2010

Ode To A Phone

I had a cell phone, from an era long past
It's hey day was 90's, when N'Sync were cast
A smart little piece of unbreakable plastic
It could call & predicta-text - oh, it's features, fantastic!

The butt of most jokes in the company of Apple
I stuck to my guns, keeping tech-savvies baffled
With a handy string toggle & snazzy ring-tone
My Nokia mobile was no ordinary phone

But now... the 'off' button's stuck & the volume is fading
So I'm selling-out & to iPhone trading
With a hint of sadness & a tear in my eye
I raise a glass to old faithful & wave goodbye


October 15, 2010

Show Time

I turn my back for 15mins, & this is what becomes of my sweet niece & 2 nephews. One pirate, one Elton John impersonator & one providing "mood" with bubbles. They're like a little cabaret show on wheels...

BUT, I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning.. The more sedate, farm animal beginning...

Then around to the hearty wood-cutting ring.

{Yes.. We did stand & watch sweaty middle-aged men in white pants heave-ho with a saw. You had to be there...}

This, my friends, is the Royal Adelaide Show!
Hold onto your hats, cause it's a ripper!

I'm sure this is a wonderfully familiar memory from many-a-childhood. The city's yearly event of rolling-out all the rides, games, stuffed animals & fun-time food it can for the pure enjoyment of the masses.

{Read - rides of questionable safety, games with a minimal chance of winning, toys that will immediately burst into flames if held near an open heat source & food served on a stick... And we love it all the same!}

What began years ago as an agricultural show (hence the wood-cutting competitions) eventually morphed into a carnival of sugary, spinning proportions. It's an undeniably fun time, all the more so with small people who love anything that takes them in circles & involves plenty of colors & lights...

But let's be honest... ALL of this, the whole bright occasion, truly comes down to one thing - the place where this blog started - and that, my friends, is the Show Bag Hall.

I do believe Nate & I got a little caught-up in the moment... We hurried for stall to stall in an excited manner, reading OUT-LOUD each bag available {yikes} & deliberating over the most valuable loot of Australian treats.

Seriously. Our brains fell-out & for 15mins we utterly forgot that all of this, & more, is available in every single supermarket in Adelaide {where-o-where is the fun in that?}. So we made just a couple of unnecessary {read: essential} purchases.

And if chocolate & lollies aren't you're thing, it is also the perfect spot to pick-up a pirate hat, pink love-heart glasses & a bubble gun. You will not be judged.


October 9, 2010

Goodbye Creative Drought

During the past 2 weeks my brain has not ventured beyond the pile of accounting that swamped our dining table. All other creative & arty elements of my life were on hold..

{I'd like to say it was due to my accounting diligence & total work focus..}

But more truthfully, the strain of accounting sapped me of all inspiration. I was in a black hole of numbers and, quite honestly, I was a little concerned I would never return!

Enter here - tasty wallpaper sample from Graham & Brown (tick!) & a team of extremely attentive Home Depot paint people (tick!).

And so it is, I have been dragged back in from the cold & once again feel the happy glow of creativeness flowing through Porter Rd.

Take that, Mr Tax Man.


October 1, 2010

Picture of the Day

From the above I may not fully recover...

Here lies 3 years of accounts (3 YEARS). And I am attempting to wrestle it to the ground. Oh, you didn't know I was an accounting genius?

That's because I. Am. Not.

Being that maths was my least favorite subject at school, I stopped Accounting at Uni as soon as I possibly could and currently have business split over 3 countries, the likelihood of me actually surviving today is tenuous.

And so I've propped-up on my desk a brand new album, fresh from the printers. It is my glimmer of hope. I gaze at it intermittently with a twinkle in my eye. It is a happy reminder of why my dinning room table looks like a filing cabinet spewed-up on it & I'm in tracksuit pants for the 3rd day in a row.


September 26, 2010

Friday Night Snapshot

AFL Grand Final:
My heart has eased & is no longer beating outside of my rib cage. Blood is slowly returning to my knuckles. I've almost recovered the sleep lost from sitting-up till 2:30am.

And all for a draw. 63-63.

Absolute heart-attack material.

The cups of coffee to keep me awake probably didn't help my increased anxiety, nor did the sugar-spike of pancakes at 12am... Actually, upon reflection, I'm thankful to still be upright & breathing.

One of the positives I take-away from an evening of cheering till I'm hoarse? 3 hours of uninterrupted living room time with Aussie family, watching the game "together" in real-time via videochat. As long as I waved every few minutes to one of the littlies who sat captivated, everyone was happy!

This Friday night we get to do it all over again with a re-match. And I really feel the coming week of recovery & preparation is just as vital for the players as the supporters.


September 18, 2010

Food, GlorioUS Food #4

It's been a little (LONG) while since one of these blogs, and it's certainly not been from lack of options! I've just not snapped a picture of my food in many months. But all that changed today...

Food: Loaded Sandwich
Vendor: Lucky's Sandwich Co.
Place: Chicago, IL
Care-of: "Man vs Food" Reality TV Show

We have been following "Man vs Food" all around America for a few years now, laughing in horror as he stuffs himself stupid with every crazy food challenge that American vendors can throw at him. Today we gave-in to the craze, just a little, to give it a go ourselves (minus the "challenge" part, sticking to just one, medium sized sandwich).

Mm-hmm, that's a medium

Lucky's sandwiches - served-up right down the road from Ridley Stadium - are made with soft, white bread, coleslaw, meat, melted cheese &.. fries. That's right. Fries.

I opted for fries on the side. You know, the healthy option. Apparently if I eat the fries while not stuffed in the sandwich, I feel so much better about it!

With or without the fries, it was awesomely tasty & super fresh. Fellow-sandwiches - beware! You have much to live-up to.


September 14, 2010

Melbourne Street Art

For the following, I take no responsibility:

And I'm pretty sure, for this following, but sweet sister also takes no responsibility:

(I did take the picture, encouraging them further, I am aware of this...)

I love how much Melbourne has embraced the art of graffiti, to the point of heritage protection for some laneways, so these unique pieces of the city wouldn't get lost!