May 30, 2010

Memorial Day

Two things coincidentally combined this year to make me more aware of Memorial Day than ever before - (#1) Nate watched 'Band of Brothers' in about 4 days flat. Porter Rd felt like WWII HQ's. It is heartbreakingly good, even if I did watch a lot of it while lingering at the door, unable to sit & really watch because I'm a scardy-cat.

(#2) One of my all-time favorite bloggers did a photo assignment called 'Coming Home' - images of returning troops - like this precious one...

via Pioneer Woman, by Skyerphooey

Take a scroll through & see the joy & sorrow of homecomings from over the era's. It is definitely worth a quick gander.

I hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day - no matter when, where or how you celebrate it!


May 26, 2010

Nashville Sky

Spring weather, surprising & tumultuous, brings pretty evening skies.

(And lots of crazy bugs that like to land in my hair & cause a mini-fit... But lets not think about that.. Lets go back to looking at the pretty sky)


May 20, 2010

FRAT Party

We have been invited to our first ever FRAT party. That's right - FRAT, like fraternity.. A totally foreign institution, non-existent in the land Down Under.

[And nope, FRAT is not spelled in capitals because I'm yelling at you, but because I'm not entirely sure if you can spell it in lower case... Are there rules with these things? A special ritual perhaps? Am I even allowed to be typing the word FRAT if I'm not a member? So many question...]

Technically, it's a "dress-up FRAT" party, but considering the host's are Ole Miss. graduates & the majority of invitees are FRAT & sorority peeps, this will be as legitimate as it gets for us.

Our sweet hosts obviously didn't want us rocking-up without the appropriate attire, so they kindly emailed a picture as inspiration -

Hmm, Lemon slacks...

I'm not sure if we're getting dressed to party or take a boat ride around the lake. They look so sunny & happy... & un-stressed... & old.. Hang-on.. Are these college students? I'm confused...

Oh, and if you think searching "FRAT party" in Google images is a nice way to educate yourself... It's not... It will only leave you scared & fearful for your well being.


May 18, 2010

Washington Weekend

Welcome to another week! We sneaked a visit to Washington on the weekend while up North for work. With my parentals in-tow we visited a few sights they'd not ever seen before, despite past trips to this lovely city.
I have a seemingly unhealthy obsession with buildings, particularly old, curved, stone buildings.
And so it is that I have pretty much NO other pictures of my parents visit aside from our time spent at Union Station....
And the Jefferson Memorial... Or Muffin as I so love to call it. It's one of my favorites.
More than ever these two were truly good sports. They braved the travel time with Nate & I minus our satnav, which no meek soul should really ever endeavor to do. [I will admit some Lefts maaay have been Right... I'm working on it. Truly.]

THEN we proceeded to walk them for 30mins at 10pm from a fine part of a town, into a not so fine part of town, in search of a "super cool" pub.

Note to self: when you start to comment on the "potential" of an area, it's up-&-coming vibe, & how you're SURE it's the next spot to be over-run by coolness - it's best advised to wait for the coolness to actually over-run before you walk your parents around on its deserted, darkened streets.

The upside? My speed-walking skills have really come-along.


May 11, 2010

Small World

Nashville - Sydney, Aust.

Here is our godson, on his 2nd birthday, watching from the other side of the world as we wave & blow kisses & send love down the line.

It's heart-warming how small the world can become in such moments. This picture made my day.

... Actually.... Now that I take a closer look.... It's probably best I can't hear what's going through his dear little head....

"Those two, mum & dad? Really?? But whhhhhyyyy?! Were the others sick on godparent recruitment day?"

Oh, ho-ho, until he learns how to hit stop & delete, there is no escape! He may live in Australia, but he shall not forget our dorky godparent affection.

And if all else fails, we'll win him back in years to come with dazzling stories from exotic Nashville, TN.

Love to you, Happy M - x

May 10, 2010

Ethel In Color

Dear Ethel has been waiting in limbo these past few weeks.

My valid, & perfectly sane, reasons for the delay?

(1) I was paralyzed by the color choices. As if it was of national importance that my porch chair be correctly color coded to the rest of my house, including the indoors. Go figure... Then please call a doctor...

(2) Even once my "Warm Yellow, in Gloss" was decided upon, days of wind blew through, thwarting my spray-paint efforts. Nobody wants to see me with glossy yellow legs/feet/hands. It's been a tortuous wait for Ethel & I.

But at last, she is all done! Glossy, & sunny, & awaiting early morning coffee time & neighbor-waving with Nate & I.

[Posted in honor of hard-rubbish month in East Nashville! Nate is starting to sweat & reach for his disguise]


May 3, 2010

Beyond Porter

Our little splish-splash at home was a tiny drop compared with the deluge of water flooding much of Nashville.

Cause I'm a scardy cat, & couldn't find my flippers & wetsuit in a hurry, I left it to more brave & talented souls to document the last 24hrs. Such as ethanlucks downtown shot -

And a little vid by the lovely keelymarie of the markets around the corner from her place -

It wasn't till earlier today, with not a breathe of wind or droplet of rain in sight, that we took a stroll through some questionable river water to see for ourselves how Nashville was looking.

She is worse-for-wear & at the start of a long repair.

The blue skies & warm sun of today made it seem as if the last 24hrs never happened. Sadly for many people across the city, life is far from back to normal.


May 2, 2010

When Life Gives You Rain...

... Bake Apple Muffins ?
Well, that's my motto and I'm sticking to it.

Nashville is slowly sinking under water. Call us the Venice of the South. By midnight tonight we may no longer exist.... I'll send-up a flare if Porter Rd starts to gurgle & we're in need of a lifeboat.
Rain has been falling heavily though the night and on into today - 15 inches in 24hrs - causing flash floods, stranded drivers & ruined property all over Nashville.
Not to mention some mounting cabin fever at Porter Rd!! 7 hours of storm watching & counting, thanks to a 7:30am wake-up by one very excited storm-happy husband.

He was promptly dispatched out into elements as penance.
And to buy milk.

So, I've done what's best to do when sitting around watching rain drops & burning minimal energy - baking!
Now please excuse me while I go & eat my remaining muffins & watch the Channel 4 news - a thrilling static weather map interspersed with shaky video footage from home viewers.

[Check-out the storm pics here]