June 28, 2010

Wallpaper Wonder

And it begins! My venture into wallpaper & all it's hanging-trickery & pretty potential.

After months of procrastinating & doubt I ordered some samples.
One. Step. Closer.

Going-on the fact that these samples alone make me happy & all decisive-feeling, I should have "the one" hung by, umm, the new year?!

Please. Save me from staring at these for too long. Tell me what you like!


June 22, 2010

The week rolls on

I love a creative start to the week. It really helps with my Monday blues. And the desire to do all of my work at the kitchen table in my pajamas. Eating All Natural Jelly Babies.


Nate headed to ENR Studio's to record a song demo & I traipsed along behind to cause general wifey chaos & share disruptive opinions whenever possible.

See - is that not the face of a disrupted man?!

No, no. I'm just messing... Here is a much better representation - right now he's thinking I come-up with the most helpful creative ideas...

OR, maybe that it's simply safer to smile & avoid eye contact?!
I will never know. Sweet huz.

I did actually have a purpose, which was to snap pictures of the cool new home studio space that Dustin & Peter have created.

AND to try to twist their arm into keeping the vintage wallpaper in the stairwell. Disruptive opinions are clearly still in full working order.

As is Dustin's mental note to ignore my vintage advice.

Over & out. x

June 14, 2010

Anything you can do, I can do better...

Nate & Gabe - Frio River, Laity Lodge, TX.

Snapped in sequence.
It was not a rehearsed routine, nor were any words exchanged.

I have caption-overload-paralysis.


June 9, 2010

A Glimpse

We spent the weekend retreating in the Texas Hill Country, hiding-out in a pretty valley near Kerrville.
Hmmm, retreeeeat - can't you feel your shoulders relaxing & your breathing starting to even-out... Nate could've planted me down there on that little floating dock all weekend long & I would've been a happy camper.

I'll admit, I've been slow to un-retreat. And upon un-retreating, I've encountered a rather chaotic house & a laundry basket filled to overflowing. SO - more pictures & stories of frivolity, music & friends are on the way as soon as order is restored!


June 2, 2010


Shaking off the woolens of winter. Dining outside under the stars. Welcoming another year of life with my beloved.

After many-a-year of winter celebrating, warm summer nights in June still delight & surprise me.

Happy weekend friends - no matter what your weather!