July 26, 2010


There is a man-child on the lose, & he has a penchant for wrecking havoc on small farm animal communities & their quaint, calico-decorated homes!

Most recent in the reign of terror - his up-ending & scattering the poor Rabbit & Bear families of Oakbank.
It will be weeks before this community can restore order, repair the damage, find the porcelain toilet & tiny pram so loved by little girls (ahh.. namely me..), & baton the hatches before the next child-tornado of doom.


July 24, 2010

Sunday Sunshine

There are benefits to jet lag & being awake for the earrrly hours most loved by birds & the milkman...

...Wintertime sunrise in the Adelaide Hills. Crisp & clear & so peaceful.

After a few days of gray clouds, it's wonderful to see the sun come out.

(The non-benefit of Jet-lag? It's taken me an hour to cohesively type 3 lines & I now need a nap).


July 18, 2010

Altered Axis

My world has shifted on it's axis & I don't think it will ever sit the same again.

This meandering little blog is about sharing life with friends both around the corner & on the other side of the ocean. And I find tonight, with tears in my eyes, that it means sharing the funny & adventurous, along with the things that sink my heart & shake the foundations of life.

Nate & I are waiting to board a flight back to Australia to be with family, as my dad undergoes tests & treatment for a growth in his brain.

It seems horribly unreal... A broken world brings such a heavy heart.. But our Savior brings healing & hope, & the promise of a future home where the axis is set perfectly right. I long for the day!

Thanks for allowing me to share every part of life.. x

If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me, and your right hand shall hold me.
Psalm 139: 9&10

July 12, 2010

Kaffe 1668

Courtesy of Kaffe 1668 & Nate's iphone.

My personal form yesterday was anything but stellar. I was WAY off... (Or on, if injury & mishap were the aim of the day...)

In brief - I attempted to amputate my right-hand pointer finger with a bread knife; walked myself into three stinging foot blisters; & vigorously shook an open container (unbeknown-est to me!) of balsamic vinegar all over myself.

Needless to say I was hesitant to leave the house this morning (or enter the kitchen).

But I'm pleased I did, because Kaffe 1668 is a treat. They serve-up little blue cups of Monday joy in a light-filled space ripe for all-day sitting & sipping.


July 10, 2010

NYC Notable - Union Sq Farmers Market

Following the trend of No Impact Man, we visited the Union Sq. Farmers Markets to take a mosey around the Organic Produce & Farmer-to-table goods that are uber popular in NYC these days.

Despite our good intentions, things here are a liiiittle pricier here than the good 'ole Nashville markets. I'm afraid to admit we had to defy NYC trends & continue to eat Supermarket-to-table instead.

But it's definitely fun for a wander & gander at the pretty produce & specialty homemade goods of jam, cheese & bread.


July 8, 2010


It's been melt-your-skin-off hot in NYC the last few days. The pavement is trying to solder our feet to our flip-flops, and somewhere in the land of Sesame Street I'm sure you'd find young-in's dancing in the spray of a fire hydrant.

BUT we've not been discouraged, & there are still some outings of new discoveries & adventures to share.

Last night we waited until early evening, the "cooler" part of the day, to take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge & eat pizza. Despite numerous visits to NYC, we've never managed to do this very popular tourist outing, & it was as lovely & tasty as promised.

Aww, there we are!
Thanks Dustin & Lis for the encouragement to get our butts off the island!

Now I best trott-off & soak my feet in ice-water while finding the magical solution to curly hair + relentless heat.


July 7, 2010

NYC Notable - Melissa's Cupcakes, Soho

This magical lady Melissa takes very American treats - like s'mores, red velvet or cinnamon - & squishes them into teeny-tiny, super yummy cupcake's. Then WE squish them into our bellies in one neat gulp!

And how do you like our "perspective" shot, to show-off the mini-ness? ...

I mean really, is that normal?! Before I knew it, that was our effort. The excitement of a pending sugar hit blurred our judgment...


July 5, 2010

Life in Motion

Ok friends, enough sitting still! I'm leaving my wallpaper samples to linger with indecisiveness* & a plant or two to wilt in the heat - it's time to pack our bags & go a-travellin'...
Through the kindness of friends & the good fortune that comes with summer break & a quieter work schedule, we are taking our sweltering butts OUT of the sweat-box that is TN.

And into the oven that is NYC !!

Strangely enough (being that it's the most populated city in America), it's one of the places we feel most able to escape & relax. So on the tip of Manhattan, in a borrowed apartment, we shall get lost in the crowd & enjoy wandering hand-in-hand for a day or two...
And I will make absolutely sure to report back with tales & NYC Notables.
Starting with Notable #1 =I have no explanation for Nate's crazy eyes...

Goodnight - x

*THANK YOU for the wallpaper comments! I feel loved & supported & much closer to a picking a winner. Get-set to see me paste my hands to the wall upon returning home!!