September 26, 2010

Friday Night Snapshot

AFL Grand Final:
My heart has eased & is no longer beating outside of my rib cage. Blood is slowly returning to my knuckles. I've almost recovered the sleep lost from sitting-up till 2:30am.

And all for a draw. 63-63.

Absolute heart-attack material.

The cups of coffee to keep me awake probably didn't help my increased anxiety, nor did the sugar-spike of pancakes at 12am... Actually, upon reflection, I'm thankful to still be upright & breathing.

One of the positives I take-away from an evening of cheering till I'm hoarse? 3 hours of uninterrupted living room time with Aussie family, watching the game "together" in real-time via videochat. As long as I waved every few minutes to one of the littlies who sat captivated, everyone was happy!

This Friday night we get to do it all over again with a re-match. And I really feel the coming week of recovery & preparation is just as vital for the players as the supporters.


September 18, 2010

Food, GlorioUS Food #4

It's been a little (LONG) while since one of these blogs, and it's certainly not been from lack of options! I've just not snapped a picture of my food in many months. But all that changed today...

Food: Loaded Sandwich
Vendor: Lucky's Sandwich Co.
Place: Chicago, IL
Care-of: "Man vs Food" Reality TV Show

We have been following "Man vs Food" all around America for a few years now, laughing in horror as he stuffs himself stupid with every crazy food challenge that American vendors can throw at him. Today we gave-in to the craze, just a little, to give it a go ourselves (minus the "challenge" part, sticking to just one, medium sized sandwich).

Mm-hmm, that's a medium

Lucky's sandwiches - served-up right down the road from Ridley Stadium - are made with soft, white bread, coleslaw, meat, melted cheese &.. fries. That's right. Fries.

I opted for fries on the side. You know, the healthy option. Apparently if I eat the fries while not stuffed in the sandwich, I feel so much better about it!

With or without the fries, it was awesomely tasty & super fresh. Fellow-sandwiches - beware! You have much to live-up to.


September 14, 2010

Melbourne Street Art

For the following, I take no responsibility:

And I'm pretty sure, for this following, but sweet sister also takes no responsibility:

(I did take the picture, encouraging them further, I am aware of this...)

I love how much Melbourne has embraced the art of graffiti, to the point of heritage protection for some laneways, so these unique pieces of the city wouldn't get lost!


September 8, 2010

Good Old Collingwood For Eeeever

Melbourne's beating heart is sport, and in winter that sport is Aussie Rules Football. There aren't many things my dad could pass along to his girls in the form of "boy" interests, but football was a non-negotiable. From an early age, the rules of football, players numbers & supporter passion were passed-down to us with enthusiasm.

Case in point... This charming snapshot from The Advertiser with our favorite player at the time, Peter Motley, after he'd been drafted to Carlton (1985).

Apparently being football fans didn't deter our girlie love of over-sized frilly collars, bows, & scrap-booking! ANYway...

During our youth we flitted from team to team, dependent on our favorite colors or city (or... ahem... players physique's). In the end though, Dad's die-hard Collingwood Magpie loyalty won-out, & thankfully we all rather like vertical black & white stripes!

Members Stand @ the MCG...
(It seems I liked my hairstyle from '85 so much, it's back in rotation!

Last Saturday night we took our cheering & clapping to the mighty Melbourne Cricket Ground, as we've done many happy times in the past, to watch Collingwood play the first round of finals - and thankfully watch them win convincingly!

Walking to the MCG

For the less acquainted to the game, allow me to butcher it with this mini-explanation - 18 players per side; an oval shaped ball, on an oval shaped field; players kick, handball, bounce & mark the ball, all in an attempt to get it through two goal posts at one end... And all done in tiny shorts & sleeveless guernseys. But that's not of major importance to the overall outcome. Or so I'm told...

I love this game. It's fast & skillful, exciting, competitive & dynamic. I love to cheer till I feel hoarse & sing the club song with 40,000+ other fans in the stadium. I love the cold air on my cheeks, & hot chips, & team rivalries.

And after a few guernsey mix-ups of what stripe & color we were following, my New South Welshman also came to love the game. Phew.

Now all I have to do is lobby for Aussie Rules on my American Cable and endeavor to pass it along to the next generation - I will prevail over baseball & American football if it's the end of me!


September 7, 2010

Fathers Day Suprise

This past weekend in Melbourne was an optional family trip, and with four adult couples & three small people it doesn't always work to co-ordinate everyone in one place for one weekend. So when Bel & Gus couldn't make it we were sad, but understanding, for life is busy & full (& often accompanied by ear-infected 4 year olds!).

We went along our merry way, one-couple down, totally unaware of the sneaky surprise they'd planned for Dad (& us) on Father's Day. They were up with the birds on Sunday morning & joined us in Melbourne for a day trip.

It was the ideal way to end an already lovely weekend...

Pictures speak louder than words with such sweet moments...

The end, x

September 5, 2010

The Beautiful Garden City

Flinders St. Station

Melbourne has became a winter-holiday tradition for my family. Each time, we barrack for our beloved Magpies, wander the cafe-filled alleys, take-in some art & the beautiful buildings, & gander in the endless choice of downtown stores.

Collingwood vs. W.Bulldogs @ the MCG

But getting our lovely weekend experiences untangled into blog-form is proving a challenge... Since I've changed time zones 4 times in 7 days & spent my Aussie sleep time doing American work things, I could be on the moon sending a telegram to the Queen via pony express.

Tim Burton Exhibit, Federation Sq.

So until I've eaten a truck load of Cadbury Top Deck, slept for a day & restored my world order, these few snapshots & details will fill the void.

Collins St.

I can't wait to share with you more of what we did & saw. The Melbourne Tourism Board will be smitten with me once I'm through!

And now, in closing, the first & last of Nathan's photographic input...