November 26, 2010


I'm thankful for dear friends with an open door & an extra seat (or three!) at their Thanksgiving table.

I'm thankful for family who travel the world & include Nashville on the list of stop-overs.

I'm thankful for warm hospitality with plenty of laughs.

I'm thankful for food that is sumptuous & tasty & brimming with cultural uniqueness.

I'm thankful for conversation that runs well past the time it takes to eat the food on your plate.

And finally, I'm thankful for Americans who live-up to my expectations & fulfill their role in every way we foreigners hope they would... We love you Barry!

Oh, & I'm thankful for Lamingtons - for being super-duper yummy & doing us proud alongside their American counterparts.


November 25, 2010

Lamington Love

Today is Thanksgiving & I am wholeheartedly a HUGE fan of this holiday & all the trimmin's that accompany it.
We are heading-off to a lil family lunch in a few hours time & I thought we'd contribute something Australian to the desert options - Lamingtons.

With the help of some extra Aussie hands (Beth!) we successfully baked, dipped & covered a whole lot of little squares of love.

Happy Thanksgiving.. x

November 15, 2010

Pretty Find...

Gift cards by Bells and Whiselles...

These colorful, simple & fun cards were unearthed at a craft fair to be stocked in "Balhannah By Design" - a store in, well, Balhannah! I picked up a handful, as they're cheap, cheery & will surely never go to waste as I enter two months of birthday-anniversary-christmas craziness.

{Now, while not being a hugely bustling metropolis, Balhannah does have a devishly tasty bakery & one of the most lovely home/ clothes/ gift stores I've come across. Apparently Balhannah ladies are ladies of style!}


November 10, 2010

Life's A Zoo

I am beginning to think Oakbank is secretly a menagerie of wild & domestic animals. Each day brings a different furry, feathery, mooing creature by (or into) the house.

So far in our list of cartoon characters - 2 ducks & 4 ducklings, 1 chicken, a herd of cows and, most recently, a koala bear. Add a pair of peacocks & a kangaroo & we could charge for entrance at the gate.

This latest visitor was just sitting by the drive as I pulled-in, not fussed at all by my presence, or the mad dash for my camera. {In haste, I left the long lens behind... and combined with a fear of having my eyes gauged-out by his claws, I could only shoot from a distance. Apologies.}

Strangely enough, I genuinely cannot see a koala such as this one, with his gray fur & black fuzzy nose...

... And not immediately think of my middle sister, dressed comparatively...

Every. Single. Time.

Sister dressed as a koala by well-meaning crafty mother...

Try as I might dear sister, such is my mental state. Thankfully you make a very adorable human-koala bear, even if you are wearing a pair of stockings on your head, crutch-side-up.

And with that, I bid Adelaide adieu & turn my face for Nashville...


November 9, 2010

Springtime Roses

{from my parents garden}

South Australia grows roses in beautiful abundance, & this visit I have been watching-on with envy...


November 6, 2010


I made my way downstairs Saturday morning to a seemingly deserted, quiet kitchen. Still groggy with sleep & headed for the cereal, I turned & met this fine lass wandering in the open backdoor...

Sure, come-on-in.. Peck-around.. Don't mind me - I'm totally adept at dealing with feathered creatures bobbing around in the living room, clucking their way through our human abode.

More accurately, I screamed for my mum & hopped around the living room, sure the chicky would take flight toward my head at any moment.

My parents don't even own chickens...

The neighbors apparently have a runaway.


November 2, 2010