December 19, 2010

Look Who Came To Visit

Nate, Beth & Fletch (& our 1st snowfall!)

These two did sneak-in to the Thanksgiving post a few back but had yet to receive their very own post.

And a post all their own is so rightly deserved! You see, they thought a visit to the South was all peach pie & rocking chairs & the summer-sound of cicada's.

Mwa-ha-ha!! Step into my web...

Such an idyllic picture is warm-weather Nashville... Come in the middle of December & there are leaves to rake; walls to paint; plummeting temperatures; & endless (ENDLESS) episodes of "How I Meet Your Mother" to sit through.

Such gracious guests...

Beth & Fletch, THANK YOU for visiting. Be blessed on your travels - I've got a feeling volunteer work will be a walk-in-the-park after Camp Porter.