April 21, 2010

Ivory Keys

To my surprise, the absence of my beloved has meant more action than rest. There's been Nt-delegated errands to run, an unhealthy number of solo-painting projects to complete, hours at Ugly Mugs to maintain my conversation skills & endless research on alternate forms of overseas transportation.

So, all that to say, I have been slow to share with you the newest edition to Porter Rd. Newer, even, than Ethel [who is doing just fine. I'm simply in a state of color-choice-paralysis]

We are now the proud borrowers of this sweet piano. She is in our care till a bigger space is available to her owners, and I'm overjoyed.

There's no holding me back now - "Born Free" & "Song From M-A-S-H" will once again flow from my fingers!

You think I'm joking? Oh, my friends.... How little you know me...

I do feel a small celebratory concert may have to take place upon Nate's triumphant return. A little rendition of some favorites, if you will.

I hope he enjoys 80's movie-theme classics. It's what I do best.

"Flashdance" played on piano is really quite something.

If only I could remember which keys are which & how to make my fingers hit them at the right time. RU-STY!


April 17, 2010

Somewhere Over The Volcano

What lies between me & my love...

[From: Sydney Morning Herald]

It's going to take more than a strong breeze to clear that cloud of ashy badness away.

A "quick trip" across the pond has morphed & Nate is in the twilight zone of stranded travelers in London. And I'm in the twilight zone of being solo & visiting Ugly Mugs everyday for human interaction. Otherwise I forget how to converse. Or change out of my pajamas's.

It cannot go on!

Heathrow-shmethrow. I've pulled together the following list of transport alternatives. All, in my humble opinion, fantastically viable options to bring my rockstar home.

And to end.

My personal favorite.

What I feel is truly the best suggestion.

A solution that is not only practical...

But also fun...
Look at that smile! He's glowing as he whizzes across the Atlantic Ocean.

Far more promising than Heathrow opening-up & flying him back to Porter Rd.


April 14, 2010

Introducing Ethel

Our latest pick-up from a neighbors unwanted throw-aways.

This is not the first time I've begged Nate to come & help me haul some loot off the sidewalk... His initial horror & embarrassment at taking-in orphan furniture has melted into a warm understanding at my need for rescue-missions. AND it keeps me quiet & out of the way on weekends. Smart guy.

So... Ethel. She is in the process of a make-over, complete with skin peel, bubble bath & fresh paint.
Why the name? It just felt right after spending so much time with her last weekend. She has all these layers of paint, and no doubt a few stories to go with them. I felt she needed a name. Ethel fit like a glove.

The only hitch in the grand make-over? Her new color. I feel paralysis setting-in & that will not do. Suggestions are VERY welcome. Please. I beg you. As does Nathan.

There's only so much time a musician can kill in the Home Depot paint department.


April 8, 2010


Today is Thursday.

By far the most fabulous, hilarious, anticipated day of my week.

Thursday nights are TV nights at the Tasker's.
The Tasker's TV Thursday.
The 3T's.

Lame? Yes. Still awesome? Yes.

This is the 1 night of the week that ..... [provided we aren't traveling; don't have social plans; are not booby-trapping* the yard for cats; have not decided to repaint the spare bath; or joined a traveling circus] ....... we can lay-like-broccoli on our couch & laugh ourselves stupid with American television.

The TV gods truly worked magic with Thursday's combination of "The Office" / "30 Rock" / "The Mentalist".

Steve Carell, Tina Fey & Simon Baker make for one funky character cocktail. And I LIKE IT.

I am shamelessly sucked into their vortex.

Should you call, I will most likely not answer. I love you, but unless your work in Scranton, have been named after a fruit, or previously starred in Australia's "E Street", I am temporarily unavailable.

Thank you & goodnight.


April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Spring is here. And so is Easter.

Pretty blossoms & homemade hot cross buns.

Warming sun & new beginnings.

The chance to remember & reflect. To rejoice & offer praise. And delight in the gift of grace.

I am thankful for this time of year.