August 28, 2010

Sing-song sing-along

Upon reflection this afternoon, in my quiet home in music city, I've concluded that Nt's tunes really can span the age & fashion barriers that so often keep us segregated in our musical tastes.

Case in point: this south aussie 2 year old, wearing flannel Elmo jimmy-jams & welding a plastic electric guitar (of which I'm sure no sane person has ever, nor will ever, leave in their childs possession for longer than 5 mins at a time).

I do miss this little chunka-spunk of energy & vocal exuberance.

And now that my damaged ear drum has healed, I really feel ready to share the backseat of a car with him again.

Adelaide here we come!


August 27, 2010


We are happily weary at Porter Rd this evening after a half-day shoot with creative gem Micah Kandros. There's no album lead-up like a jam-packed one, and that's how we found ourselves at Micah's studio today, out on the streets of Downtown, & even up in the buildings for a bit!

Truth be told, this is not Nathan's most absolute favorite part of his job... 3 people watching his every move is apparently far less appealing than an auditorium full of strangers.

Thankfully, today he smoldered like a superstar ar-tist & I can't wait to see what Micah sends through. Until then, iPhone quad cam is the best I have!

Happy weekend!

August 18, 2010

All Things Pretty

As a lovely distraction, I spent time while visiting family in Adelaide giving an unfinished room some finishing touches.

This beautiful & spacious living room is one of my very favorite rooms. It's colors are warm & tasteful, the furniture slightly formal but still welcoming & the fire place in perfect working order for frosty winter days. Plus, it gets A LOT of use - not usually the norm for formal living rooms.

That was all the inspiration I needed to go in search of the little things to fill spare table tops, bare walls & empty cupboards. Here are a few of the pretty & cozy items we added to finish it off!

[... oh, & may I mention not one thing is over $100? That's music to my cheapo, bargain-hunting ears...]

#1 - Fishy, fishy, fishy... I love, love, love this little guy. He's weighty, shiny, curvy & small enough to add a bit of bling to the coffee table.

#2 - Two weather beaten lanterns to add height to the empty fire place.

#3 - these pictures were a very happy find. Just the right colors to match the room (blues & greens) & a touch rustic, to add warmth & a good "lived-in" feeling.

#4 - speaking of warmth, Adelaide winters call for a soft throw or rug. You may mock me & call me an old granny, but this lovely one has been put to good use already...

#5 - on the off chance our fishy got lonely, here is the birdy to keep him company...

And lastly... #6 - time, anyone? This light-weight & inexpensive clock is the ideal way to cover a significant chunk of blank wall, while avoiding the expense of mirrors or artwork.
And that's it! It was wonderful to leave behind a little of me in a room my dad sits in almost every day.


August 13, 2010

A Good Day

Nate & I arrived home last Thursday, back to a humid summer & driving on the right hand side of the road. We had been gone 3 weeks & I for one was totally thrilled our house hadn't burnt down & the plants had managed to stay alive!

(oh, sure, our AC died mid-trip and we were greeted by an 89 degree sweat-box for a house. BUT since I anticipate death & destruction on the doorstep, a little heat was doable.)

Before jumping the 14hr flight, we enjoyed a lazy afternoon off. We went for a drive & took a walk down Strathalbyn's main street with my mum & dad. I linked my arm through dads & talked about whatever came-up, simply happy to be in his company & to do something that over the years has become second nature.

And let it be noted, there was food involved. ALWAYS food involved with me!

Scones with jam & cream - oh, sweet, tasty, cakey little lumps of love - this is a much favored treat, just the ticket during wintertime & quite the thing to end our Aussie visit.


August 6, 2010


This is the longest visit I've made to my home state of South Australia since I left 8+ years ago. I'm not sure if I'm settling back in with ease, with the comfort of one who has found their center & the sweetness of familiarity... OR if I'm developing a nervous itch, starting to climb the walls & plot my escape.

BUT one of the undeniable blessings of being drawn back to my birth place is the chance to soak-in time with my sisters & their rug-rats. On Friday, that meant a day-trip with Bel, Gus & their two munchkins....

This cheeky little Miss has us stitched. She can tear-up & lip quiver on-que, ensuring my undying servanthood & love. She has developed an endearing hair flick, adorable lisp & monkey grip that means we'll gladly carry her around the world & back.

All the while, her mellow-souled older brother is the best medicine for low self esteem. This 4 yr old is thrilled to see his family every single time - hugs alllll round - even if the absence has been less than 2 hrs. I, for one, will never tire of his enthusiastic reception. And yes, he is exceptionally talented in the field of "Toy Story" reenactments. I have the bruises to prove it.

And so with these two in tow, last Friday we ventured into the rolling, green hills of the Barossa Valley.

This is one of South Australia's gems, a beautiful wine & gourmet food region. We saw just a whisper of what is on offer here & could go back for more anytime.

My favorite was Maggie Beer's famous farm & her pretty birds.
I could have bought absolutely every single item in her store - from jams to chutneys, sauces, dressings & crackers. Yes please! My nephew on the other hand.. He confidently tasted, disliked & "returned" the marmalade I offered, INTO the marmalade sample pot. Not quite the usual behavior of Maggie's fancy-pant establishment [his Aunty & mum made quick purchases & a speedy exit.]

I am thankful for these days & the joy they bring!


August 1, 2010

Quick Pic

Nate & I may currently reside in the country of doughnuts, where all things doughie & fried & sugary reign. BUT I am yet to find & eat a chocolate doughnut as chunky & tasty as an Aussie one. Strange, but true!