October 22, 2010

Ode To A Phone

I had a cell phone, from an era long past
It's hey day was 90's, when N'Sync were cast
A smart little piece of unbreakable plastic
It could call & predicta-text - oh, it's features, fantastic!

The butt of most jokes in the company of Apple
I stuck to my guns, keeping tech-savvies baffled
With a handy string toggle & snazzy ring-tone
My Nokia mobile was no ordinary phone

But now... the 'off' button's stuck & the volume is fading
So I'm selling-out & to iPhone trading
With a hint of sadness & a tear in my eye
I raise a glass to old faithful & wave goodbye


October 15, 2010

Show Time

I turn my back for 15mins, & this is what becomes of my sweet niece & 2 nephews. One pirate, one Elton John impersonator & one providing "mood" with bubbles. They're like a little cabaret show on wheels...

BUT, I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets start at the beginning.. The more sedate, farm animal beginning...

Then around to the hearty wood-cutting ring.

{Yes.. We did stand & watch sweaty middle-aged men in white pants heave-ho with a saw. You had to be there...}

This, my friends, is the Royal Adelaide Show!
Hold onto your hats, cause it's a ripper!

I'm sure this is a wonderfully familiar memory from many-a-childhood. The city's yearly event of rolling-out all the rides, games, stuffed animals & fun-time food it can for the pure enjoyment of the masses.

{Read - rides of questionable safety, games with a minimal chance of winning, toys that will immediately burst into flames if held near an open heat source & food served on a stick... And we love it all the same!}

What began years ago as an agricultural show (hence the wood-cutting competitions) eventually morphed into a carnival of sugary, spinning proportions. It's an undeniably fun time, all the more so with small people who love anything that takes them in circles & involves plenty of colors & lights...

But let's be honest... ALL of this, the whole bright occasion, truly comes down to one thing - the place where this blog started - and that, my friends, is the Show Bag Hall.

I do believe Nate & I got a little caught-up in the moment... We hurried for stall to stall in an excited manner, reading OUT-LOUD each bag available {yikes} & deliberating over the most valuable loot of Australian treats.

Seriously. Our brains fell-out & for 15mins we utterly forgot that all of this, & more, is available in every single supermarket in Adelaide {where-o-where is the fun in that?}. So we made just a couple of unnecessary {read: essential} purchases.

And if chocolate & lollies aren't you're thing, it is also the perfect spot to pick-up a pirate hat, pink love-heart glasses & a bubble gun. You will not be judged.


October 9, 2010

Goodbye Creative Drought

During the past 2 weeks my brain has not ventured beyond the pile of accounting that swamped our dining table. All other creative & arty elements of my life were on hold..

{I'd like to say it was due to my accounting diligence & total work focus..}

But more truthfully, the strain of accounting sapped me of all inspiration. I was in a black hole of numbers and, quite honestly, I was a little concerned I would never return!

Enter here - tasty wallpaper sample from Graham & Brown (tick!) & a team of extremely attentive Home Depot paint people (tick!).

And so it is, I have been dragged back in from the cold & once again feel the happy glow of creativeness flowing through Porter Rd.

Take that, Mr Tax Man.


October 1, 2010

Picture of the Day

From the above I may not fully recover...

Here lies 3 years of accounts (3 YEARS). And I am attempting to wrestle it to the ground. Oh, you didn't know I was an accounting genius?

That's because I. Am. Not.

Being that maths was my least favorite subject at school, I stopped Accounting at Uni as soon as I possibly could and currently have business split over 3 countries, the likelihood of me actually surviving today is tenuous.

And so I've propped-up on my desk a brand new album, fresh from the printers. It is my glimmer of hope. I gaze at it intermittently with a twinkle in my eye. It is a happy reminder of why my dinning room table looks like a filing cabinet spewed-up on it & I'm in tracksuit pants for the 3rd day in a row.