February 23, 2011

A New Blue Hue

Blue is slowly taking over our home.

Back before Christmas, when there was snow on the ground & we had a day of going nowhere, I thought it would be dandy-good timing to paint our living-room. For the 2nd time.

(because Christmas shopping, & packing for a month in Australia, & hosting family, & pre-Christmas social outings & finishing-up work all in 1 week wasn't quite enough. LOCO.)


There truly is no point in trying to explain my logic & desire for this task.. As I type I realize how absurd it sounds. And how relieved so many of you must be that you don’t have to live with me!!

In short - paint+bee+bonnet+me.

The result - a breathe of fresh-air.


Welcome “Salt Glaze” to Porter Rd. I will admit I'm still trying it on for size. BUT even my enthusiasm for painting is not quite enough to consider dipping another paint brush for these walls - so Salt Glaze it shall remain!

Oh, I do hope you like! And I promise to keep my paint-insecurities to a minimum.

(But you like it, yes??!)


February 18, 2011

Photo Retrospect

There are still a few lil photo's from our sojourn home that didn't get my loving attention in previous posts. I've ummed & ahhed about posting them, due to their TOTAL date irrelevance. And utter lack of compelling byline!

But dear friends, in the end, the love of my home country cannot be suppressed. It has bubbled over with all that makes my Aussie heart go pitter-patter....

Twilight: Sydney Harbor

European styling: Balmoral, NSW

Ah! Now this one DOES have a somewhat interesting Tasker fun-fact..
The Queen Victoria Building, Sydney City - home of our fantastical wedding feast, Dec '04.

Nate Styling: Balmoral, NSW :)

1 very dear sister out of 2

Shelly Beach, NSW

And finally... A precious P, who I want to smuggle home in my luggage & tickle till she can't breathe cause her laugh is pure delight.

The End. x

February 16, 2011

Food for my Valentine

After 7 weeks of playing hooky from my own kitchen & happily stuffing myself full on other peoples food creations, it was a simple pleasure to shake out my apron & be back in the cooking game again.

I'm not the most hopeless of romantics, but Valentines Day is a fabulous excuse to try something new for my love. Due to my rusty skill-set I kept things simple this year, trying a new salad served with salmon. It turned-out a treat & I wanted to share it with you...

Roast Tomato & White Bean Salad

I can highly recommend this colorful combination, whether its warm or chilly months you're living through. It's flavorful, requires minimal cooking and best of all, apart from a fancy purple lettuce, it doesn't involve a long list of new ingredients!

Thank you Taste magazine..


February 13, 2011

Scene from a Transfer Line

Sometimes the route home takes you on a journey you weren't expecting...

And sometimes that journey includes a ukulele, some colorful shirts & a cheery "Bula!"...

Being our SECOND round of Fijian serenading - because don't forget, every return trip is the result of a first trip! - we were emotionally prepared, steeled against the warm salty air & able to laugh at our Pacific misfortune.

We have promised ourselves that one day we will stop for a while.
We will lay on the Fijian white sand.
We will soak-up the sunshine & blue sea.
We will trek the pretty green jungles.
We will reap the reward for enduring a Pacific Air beef sandwich.

One day...


February 2, 2011

60 Years Worth Celebrating

My dear dad turned 60 this week, & quite out of character he allowed us to throw a big, fancy shindig to celebrate with family & friends. Since his last official birthday party was his 8th (!) we had some making-up to do.

Location: the ever-so-beautiful Oakbank. Company: fantastic people from near & far. Food: tasty & locally grown. Mood: mutual delight in celebrating dad!

{Walking from drinks to dinner in early evening}

It was a sweet time together with the people who have been journeying alongside dad throughout his life. Those who knew him as a boy, helped him build great businesses, watched him become a believer, shared in bringing-up a young family, & those from moving to Sydney & back again.


I loved being able to look around the room at the people who cherish my dad. There was joy & laughter throughout the whole evening, amongst both friends & strangers, & I can't think of anything more fitting to represent my dad than that!

As midnight rolled-around we sat-up in the warm summer air to swap stories & reflect on what was a splendid evening. I'm thrilled dad had the opportunity to connect with so many people that are important to him, and that we had the chance to honor who he is & what he means to us as a dad, friend & Christian man.
{And thank you decorating / lighting / heavy-lifting / cleaning / maintenance committee comprised of family members. We dined & socialized in glittery style thanks to you!}