April 25, 2011

#1: Learn How To Make Macaroons

Time for numero uno! 

It may be poor-form to begin with a disclaimer, but I do feel it's necessary to point-out my utter lack of cultural understanding, & therefore minor error in the macaroon department!

My cousin, Pixie, was quick on the up-take with the suggestion of macaroon's for my '30 Things' list & I boldly jumped-in one night last week. I'd had my eye on a tasty looking Ambrosia Macaroon recipe from Bon Appetite for quite some time...

It wasn't till weeeeelll after mixing, baking & tasting that I realized there are actually TWO types of macaroons... Or should I say - lest I offend the French - one real type of macaroon, & then the coconut macaroon.


For this challenge, coconuts were my choice of 'roon & so that is my 30th birthday achievement - I hope it still counts Pixie?! 

Since I accidentally chose to make the more simple member of the macaroon family, there is not much to report from this cooking endeavor.

It's quite an easy combination of butter, coconut, egg, sugar & a few other goodies baked with ease.  

Although, if I may say-so myself, I did employ some pretty tricky swishing with a fork, to create a most delectiable covering of chocolate.

The hint of orange zest mixed with dark chocolate & coconut made for a very satisfying little macaroon lump.

I shall file-away the challenge of the more fancy, coloruful cookie-style macaroon's for another day...



The Songbird Project said...

I LOVE macaroons!!! Your post just made me hungry.

Ruth Chapman said...

Great photos, I have only ever made this variety. I'd love to see the other ones.