April 28, 2011

#10: Reading... & #14: Sunrising...

I've decided to combine two of my "30 Things" for this blog. They are simple & sweet stories, with limited photographical evidence, so they make a perfect pair!

#10: Read "To Kill A Mockingbird"

What a true pleasure this has been! I have loved diving into the story of Scout, Atticus & Boo Radley all over again...

High school did not quite do this book justice, thanks to the distraction of plot development or character comparisons or whatever was required once I was done reading! Now I'm free to simply sail away with Harper Lee's amazing storytelling, and I can see why it remains so well loved & respected. It's a beautifully crafted story, a mixture of childlike innocence & adult depth.

And best of all, its the favorite book of one of my favorite friends. There is goodness in sharing.

#14: Watch the sunrise with Nate...

As it turns out, this wasn't as difficult as I first thought! (convincing Nate to rise before the sun was making me nervous).

Easter Sunday means Easter sunrise service.... We headed out to Shelby Park with a group from church to read from the bible & pray together as the sun rose over East Nashville. 

It was a clear, warm & peaceful morning, filled with joy in the story of a risen Savior. What better way to see the sunrise with Nate than that? 


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