April 10, 2011

#11: Spring-clean my closet

Another week begins, I am 1 more week closer to June 1st, & there is still quite a list of "30 Things" left to go! Today #11 got the call-up.

I love purging my wardrobe, & finally coming to grips with the fact that some items really-truly may never cycle back around in the world of fashion (a term I use loosely when referring to the below bundle!). No matter how hard I envisage re-inventing /  adjusting / dying the item in question, there always comes a day when I must accept my extremely limited seamstress skills & let it go....

(I know you're spying that dashing rainbow-inspired turtle-neck at the top of the pile, & wondering to yourself how I could be so quick to send it packing... Call me crazy, but it's suction tight fit & encircling brightness do me no favors.)

Heading into this week, I feel conquering wallpaper should be on the agenda. Cannot wait!

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