April 7, 2011

#15: Learn How To Make No-Knead Bread

1 down, 29 to go!

I wont lie, I have experienced a few technical difficulties this week while trying to accomplish several items on my "30 Things" list*. Sure, they were minor hiccups, easily overcome, but I do feel it's quite an indication of my lack of experience for the role of a 30-year-old.

SO, I was very relieved to start and finish one thing this week. That being... #15: Learn How To Make No-knead Bread. Mm-hmmm, definitely didn't take much convincing to give it a go!

This recipe is care-of Mark Bittman, a New York Times food writer. He has delivered a devilishly easy way to make bread, eliminating kneading, dough-hooks, bread makers & overall anxiety.

It takes just 4 ingredients - flour, salt, water & yeast - 20 hours of "rest" time (that means rest for the baker too!), a few simple folds (see above) & 45mins in a hot oven.

Viola! A round, golden bundle of love, with a crispy crust & soft center.


Simple as it is, the bread lacks nothing in taste & texture & is good both fresh & toasted. Truly, you will want to marry this little loaf & ride-off into the sunset.

Our loaf was almost that lucky - a dinner date with Paige & Chase! What better way to enjoy & savor fresh baked goods than with sweet, Mississippian friends?

Chase & Nate, Me & Paige.
And Maggie Beer's divine Barossa Dukkah for dipping (say that fast 10 times!)

I hope this has inspired you to try your hand at something new & fill your kitchen with the scent of fresh-made bread.

Thanks for stopping-by... x

*An enthusiastic trip to the farmers market in search of fresh herb plants was short lived since they aren't even in season yet (*blush*). And completing the wallpaper job does actually requires a full quantity of wallpaper... Don't even ask.


SophR said...

I'm a bit late to read this post - but that bread looks UN-believable!!! well done! must try that! ps - clearly there's a lull in the coverage of the wedding... oh no, Will is just about to arrive! xxx

tamela said...

You inspired me to make this today and it turned out perfectly! It was my first time making bread, but it really was super easy, definitely a winner and I'll be making it again. Thanks so much for sharing! xx

You can see how mine turned out here: