April 19, 2011

#18: Track Down & Try Nashville's Grilled Cheeserie Van

I'm on a roll! As was the Grilled Cheeserie van making it's way to Cummins Station on thursday.

(How'd you like that bit of literary trickery?!)

Onto #18 of my '30 Things'. This was a particular favorite for a number of reasons...

(1) Food van's are a fascination to me in their unique menu ideas, teeny-tiny-ness & ability to keep you guessing as to when & where they'll next turn-up!

(2) I absolutely love & adore grilled cheese. It is comfort food at it's most basic & good. Two slices of bread hugging a piece of melted cheese in toasted perfection. Yes. Please.


(3) I'm all about the outside lunch date with Nate when the sun appears after a few days of gloom. This was a cheeky way to take time out with my love & shake-off the inside blues.
So.... Another item is crossed-off the list & another week begins.

And I promise, wallpaper is "in progress". I can tell you are eagerly awaiting the results - be-it straight, crooked, stuck or unstuck!



Shano said...

very yummy, I wish we had little moving vans full of food driving up our street! - also, tell Nath I thought he was Ron Burgundy in your twitter post!!

bobert said...

oh my soooooo jealous. the fact that there is a grilled cheese van makes me want to pack a moving truck right now!