April 21, 2011

#2: Watch the Movie "Giant" staring Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean

I thought it was time to tick-off something from my '30 Things' list other than food! And what better choice than a classic 1950's movie...
'Giant' is one of my Dad's favorite movies and that in itself is enough reason for me to watch it. He has been encouraging us to check it out since moving to America & enjoying our fair-share of Texas time (a top-notch US State, might I add!)

Having visited the Lone Star State years ago himself, & then chuckling at our own first-ever experience of Texas - oil-pumps, tumbleweeds & not a tree in sight - he was all the more keen for us to watch an iconic movie saturated in Texan culture.

'Giant' is an epic movie spanning 3 generations. Elizabeth Taylor is beautiful, dramatic & perfect with her teeny-tiny waist... James Dean is fresh-faced, enthralling & sadly wouldn't make another movie after this one... And Rock Hudson is imposing & everything you hope for in a 1950's cattle rancher.

Should it take your fancy, hold onto your ten-gallon hats. This movie has some major YEE-HAWS!, whoops, cattle-ranching good times & oil-splurting drama.

I loved it entirely & am so pleased I took the time to watch it - even if it was over 3 viewings. Yep :)

[Dad - we still remember your vivid descriptions of this movie & your own Texas visit. We love & miss you!]


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Ruth Chapman said...

We are so pleased you have watched Giant. It such a BIG movie. For us Aussies growing up in the 50s and 60s we thought that all of the US was like this in culture. Now we know better and understand how special the Lone star state is!