April 1, 2011

30 Things

Thank you for answering my cry for help & providing some '30 things' assistance! I can't tell you what a delight it was to receive a response & to have suggestions far better than my own scrappy attempts.

I now have a healthy list that ranges from easily attainable to somewhat optimistic, to absolute pie-in-the-sky. (Literally - see #12, care-of dear Anne-Marie. She would have me falling fast from a plane!)

'30 Things to do before I turn 30':

1. Learn how to make Macaroons
2. Watch the movie Giant staring Elizabeth Taylor & James Dean
3. Start a herb/veggie patch so I can make fresh bruschetta this summer
4. Finish off my pancake blogs with an all-time winner
5. Watch 30 of my all-time favorite movies
6. Hang the wallpaper I bought 4 long months ago (I'm a scardy-cat)
7. Start going to the Yoga classes I keep talking about going to (again, scaredy-cat!)
8. Re-Upholster our bedroom chair
9. Take a Spring bike ride around Radnor Lake
10. Read 'To Kill A Mockingbird'
11. Spring-clean my closet & give the 'dont-need' to Goodwill
12. Sky-dive. Ahem.
13. Find 5 new favorite blogs
14. Watch the sunrise with Nate
15. Learn how to make No-Knead bread
16. Listen to "There's a Hippo in my Bathtub" record, beginning to end.
17. Host afternoon tea for a couple of girlfriends
18. Track down & try Nashville's "Grilled Chesserie" van
19. Discover a new London coffee haunt
20. Have a hit of tennis with Nate
21. Learn how to straighten my hair
22. Sample a sweet thing & a savory thing from the Borough Food Markets
23. Write & send a note to some of the people who have been influential over my 30yrs
24. Take a short but sweet vacation with Nate, sans guitar/merch/van/gig contract. Yee-haw!

As you can see, I'm still 6 short, so if anything springs to mind, I'm all ears!

And please continue to stop-by & check my progress if it takes your fancy. I will endeavor to blog on as many of these as I can.



Ruth Chapman said...

Did i send you the hippo in the bath tub? If so you definitely should listen to it.... Jonty has become quite attached to Patsy Biscoes nursery rhymes!

Shano said...

Heres a few things for your list: Clean your windows, sort through your clothes, go to a day spa, have a pedicure, AND read 'the great divorce' C.S. Lewis.
PS your birthday present arrived here today - direct from Emerson Made!!!!!!!!!!! V Excited, Steph

Peter Thompson said...

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