June 26, 2011

#25: Reconnect with Old Friends

I've been super lucky recently to reconnect with old friends while visiting London & Adelaide. Having moved several times in 30 years, there is something special about time spent with those who knew you then & love you now (especially when the "then" was a loud & over-excitable pre-teen!)

Kelly & Julie are no exception. These lovely ladies have known me since primary & middle school respectively - which means they have seen me through many hair styles & fashion fads, right up to walking down the aisle with Nate.

Most memorably, between my teen-hood & adulthood, we backpacked together through parts of Germany. Out of 5 months of Euro travels, the time spent with them is still one of my all time favorites. (And not just because I got to sport some of my most colorful knitted wardrobe items! I clearly feared getting lost & freezing to death in the Berlin night).

Berlin, Germany 2002

These are the friends that can make me laugh till I pee my pants, and then switch gears & challenge me to think about the world differently. Their brains wave hello to mine from a VERY far distance! And they are always gracious & kind in spending time with me.

When our paths crossed recently in London, & we could make a dinner date, I was thrilled. They hadn't changed a bit, just as you would hope with dear friends. Yet their lives were new & different, just as you would dream for dear friends.

 London, UK 2011

June 21, 2011

#26: Be expecting a baby... Or two...*

15 weeks

Awww... Come-on... Some of you were probably thinking it... When my '30 Things' list needed suggestions, this was itching to be thrown-into the mix as an idea, was it not?!

So we thought we'd fulfill that challenge two-times over. Nothing like reeaallllly making sure the baby-base is covered - we are expecting twins!

God-willing they will arrive healthy & well in early December.


*There were still 5 empty spots at the kick-off of my list, & as we've journeyed through the last few months there have been occasions that have made me think 'this is exactly what I'd want to do before I'm 30'. As a result, there will be a few late entries to the list, this being one of them!

June 16, 2011

#22: Sample a Sweet & a Savory from the Borough Markets

I'm rewinding the clock just a little way to post about these treats - one of my Birthday '30 Things' that I have been very much looking forward to completing

The Borough Market is one of my all time favorite London markets, nestled right-up next to the London Bridge & brimming with almost every kind of fresh food you could wish to fill your belly with.

I have previously extolled the virtues of this lovely market on my blog, so I will refrain from doing that again now & get straight to the picking & choosing.

With great consideration, Nate & I perused the markets first, before committing ourselves to the savory & sweet items. We didn't want to make a rash decision!

The savory choice didn't take long - the smell, hearty goodness & festive vibe of the Guildable Manor stall won hands-down.

Their hot gourmet baguettes are absolutely delish. Made to order with your choice of meat & toppings, & definitely not for the dainty eater, they make for a very fulfilling, fresh & flavorful lunch.

Next-up - a sweet thing. Argh, so many choices! Plates & baskets FULL of pastries, cookies, cakes, brownies, baklava, puddings, eclairs, mini pies and.....

Portuguese Tarts. The pick of the day!

These little ones may be small, but they are oh-so-perfect - flaky, sweet, golden & fresh. And yes, I did share with the lovely fellow sitting in the background. This is one '30 Thing' he didn't mind getting dragged into!

Another birthday deed is done & I am just a little more jiggly around the edges because of it :)