July 29, 2011

Summer by the Sea

Nate & I hadn't been on a holiday, just the two of us - without a to-do list, or a guitar, or merchandise, or friends, or family - since our honeymoon. Our H.O.N.E.Y.M.O.O.N.

That's 6.5 years & counting, dear friends...

I'm a little ashamed to admit I had become quite a disgruntled employee, desperately in need of a break. This was not at all helped by the US summer having plunged us into a furnace & Nashville's distinct lack of coastline.

So... Sweet Nate heard my oh-so subtle (whingey) hints & last week we tripped away to Florida for a holiday beside the sea!

We stayed pretty settled in the resort most days, but when we did venture out we zipped-around on bikes & explored the many super-tasty local places to eat.

[A rooster at Blue Heaven keeping watch over brunch]

A brief dorky travel fact: Key West is the Southern most point of the USA, with the next stop being Cuba!

I would have picture proof of the Southern Tip landmark if it hadn't been for the patient line of tourists also waiting to do the same, combined with the 100 degree weather melting my skin-off. The pool won-out every time.

As is necessary from any good holiday, here follows a few 'posing' pics - especially good to do when there are bambino's to document...

 [Don't fret, I was careful not to boil them]

... Or more accurately - when there are final lazy-duo-days to document. 

Key West - with it's sunny skies & swaying palm trees - did not disappoint.

We are rested & thankful.


July 14, 2011

The two of us & the two of them...

18-ish weeks

A little update for all those interested in how the Porter Rd additions are coming-along!

When I say "all" I could be overstating the fact :)

[Since this pic we've taken ourselves off for some fun-in-the-sun in lovely Floridaaaaa. I do hope to share some of the sights if I can peel myself off the sun lounger]


July 5, 2011

#13: Find 5 new favorite blogs

This is a simple one, that I'm proud to say includes a new-found friend!

If you're not a big blog surfer, I will not be offended if you skip today & stop-by another time. But if you are interested in peeking-in on other people's lovely homes, their cooking genius & fashion fancies, here a some new blogs that I have loved in the last month...

Style Files - exactly as it sounds! Design & Style.

Mark Bittman - food enthusaist & food writer, Mark was the source for my first ever try at baking bread.

Tartelette - another great food blog, written by French expatriate Helena. Her food photography alone will keep you coming back for another slice!

Lay Baby Lay - a great source of inspiration as I endeavor in the next 6 months to flip one of our rooms into a space for two small people. I never mind a good excuse to decorate!

And finally - the one I'm most excited about...

Kendi Everyday - written by a lovely lady I recently met in Texas (that's her right there). Kendi has taken her fabulous fashion taste, eye for a bargain & small-town time to post colorful & pretty wardrobe ideas for a fraction of the cost.

Happy clicking!