October 27, 2011

[Healthy] Almond & Banana Muffins

ONCE again I have let fruit languish without proper care or consumption.

Apparently I'm too cool for the cool raw-food movement!

When it comes to mushy, brown, old banana's I'm secretly cheering inside when we're unable to eat them in time. There are some perfect banana baking recipes around (the most obvious go-to being Nate's beloved banana bread).

But, that is not where we're headed today... Instead, I have had my eye on a pretty looking Almond & Banana muffin recipe care-of Honest Fare. It's particularly appealing because of the "healthy" element - no butter, oil or flour. The fresh-made almond meal & mushy banana's do all the work...

 [This is a more honest shot of my shameful banana situation. Nooot so shiny & yellow...]

The extra beauty of this recipe is it's almost entirely prepared in a food processor - no other kitchen utensils required aside from a mixing bowl & muffin tins. Being a self-confessed lazy-baker, this is music to my ears!

If you're feeling a wee-bit inspired, you can add the chocolately, cocoa brown center - a lil something extra that I was pleased to see actually worked [again, the lazy-baker in me usually skips such "trickery"].

These muffins are dense but not dry. Healthy tasting but not dull. A fulfilling little snack, with enough sweetness to satisfy but not cause jiggly-belly guilt!

I am a fan. 


October 21, 2011

Sunset Fashion

We were cruising down Sunset Blvd earlier in the week (can you cruise in a Chevy Malibu hire car?) and there in the display window of 'Live On Sunset', all big & blown-up to full-screen proportions, was my dear friends clothing label - Bec & Bridge.

Yes, I did flip-out juuuust a teeny bit, grinning from ear-to-ear & snapping photo's like a total dork... [So much for trendster detachment...]

The new pop-up store had opened only several days earlier, making the timing with our LA visit just perfect. It was very exciting to see Bridge's (& Bec's) clothes displayed for the other side of the world to see.

I have been wearing B&B with dedication for years. I couldn't love their clothes more (or the gal-pal who designs them) & am so thankful for Bridge's willingness to keep me stocked each time I visit Sydney. She lets me be cool by association.

I did indulge in a little moment of reflection, remembering back to one of their first fashion show's at the end of University & the enthusiasm we all shared for their talent (& wondering if I'd ever be brave enough to wear the "new trend" of the skinny jean included in their range... So daring!)

I felt very proud of my creative & inspiring friend as I wandered the store & chin-wagged with the sales assistant - who confirmed my suspicion...

Bec & Bridge are as loved here in the States, as they are on home soil. Looking at their signature candy-colored Akubra's, I'm not surprised!


October 14, 2011

The Cantaloupe vs The Cherry Pepper*

Over the past half a year the size of things growing inside me have regularly been compared to food.

Baby books just loooove to categorize a growing baby each month with this method - from grapes, to pears, to lemons, to avocados, to heirloom tomatoes, to naval oranges... Truly, depending on where you shop, your growing baby could seem to be getting smaller some months, not larger!

I found this particularly confusing when pregnant with the twins & started to ignore the monthly comparisons. But in the last few weeks, this food / size / internal organs phenom has came in handy, in quite a new & alarming way...

[I could be about to step into semi-blush-worthy territory for the male population. I will not be offended if you exit the building & stop back another time].

As hinted at previously, I had a return visit to hospital for a little surgery. I wont go-into all the details, and lucky for you I'm not an avid hospital photographer - honestly, it was all quite straight-forward & minor. But I am a sharer, it's true. So...

Here is what my Dr discovered after making 4 little incisions in my belly to deal with an aggravated ovary...

What should be about the size of a cherry pepper* -

Was the size of a cantaloupe -

Say WHAT??!!
No lie. My ovary had super-charged itself to the point of a hostile take-over.

I have no clue how I continued to move-around like a normal person, but I certainly have a very good & valid reason for why my favorite pair of jeans would not zip-up!

My "cantaloupe" is now under control & any associated, excruciating pain has been sent packing. I am on the mend, & probably going to pass on eating melons for the next little while.


*It was previously mentioned that this would involve a walnut, but a whole walnut is a hard little sucker to track down! Even as we head into Fall & US stores go bonkers for whole nuts, I was out of luck. I found the next best thing - & if you ask me, a lil red cherry pepper is a touch more cute & colorful anyway.

October 8, 2011


While I search-out the right "visual" for another blog I'm writing - it involves a walnut & my recent return trip to hospital. Compelling, yes? - I thought I'd share honestly from this week.

Even as all signs point to brighter days, with pretty baked fruit & my palette project, there have been some really sad times around Porter Rd of late.

After an extremely tumultuous & wretched few months, the dust has started to settle. I believe this means the shock has worn off... I've been contemplating the fragmented pieces of our family & future plans, & have floundered in my efforts to piece it back together neatly.

While I watch others world's move forward, and they become mums with growing families, I'm left standing still, missing the twins. I'm wrestling with God's unique timing & longing to feel at peace with what He has for me in the months ahead. Two little lives have left an enormous gap.

In thinking this through, my immediate, heart-wrenching desire is to pick-up the phone & talk to my precious dad - to seek his wise & calm opinion; receive his loving counsel; hear his laughter - as I work through doubts & disappointments. His absence is being felt with renewed depth.

And in the midst of this, I'm weakened by a body that wont quite behave! So I sit for another week in my comfy pants (ugh) & rest. Nooooot one of my favorite Doctors orders.

All combined together it has been enough to make me seriously contemplate pulling the curtains tightly shut & watching reruns of "Friends" until 2012 arrives.

BUT [thankfully there is always a 'but'] no need to send-in search & rescue for me. I have found that God graciously continues to pull me out each day to see His beauty & experience His love in small & wonderful ways...

Be it the glorious Fall weather, enjoyed with the doors flung open...

Sharing a belly-laugh with my sister over the phone...

Drinking my morning coffee on the front porch chair, alongside a man that patiently loves me...

Being spoiled by friend's inspired home-cooking...

Although I may be having teary times & wondering how to make sense of each new & painful change within our world, I know there is One who will not let me go. Every morning I mull things over & end-up reminding my heart of the truth of my Savior...

He see's the whole picture perfectly; He provides for me daily; He gifts me these moments of simple but delightful joy; He promises a beautiful redemption & reunion of all that is broken & lost.

Come Lord Jesus, Come!


October 4, 2011

Palette Project

I am just a wee-bit excited about my first project for the Fall. It's been quite a long hiatus from remodels & clean-ups here at Porter Rd.

The months of upheaval have naturally caused a dip in creativity & inspiration for me...  There is usually great delight to be found in taking something old & making it new & pretty again. So, I've had my eye out for the right piece to get me back into things and last week I think I may have found it.

While on the search for old caster wheels I stumbled upon a 'for sale' post for these 1920's industrial palettes...

If my dad were around to comment, I know he would congratulate me on finding good pieces of wood for a winter bonfire! Rusty & old they may be, but this is my favorite kind of challenge - plenty of character & history to work with.

Despite some painful health concerns over the past week, which eventually landed me in hospital [a story for another time?], I could not be deterred from grabbing 2 palettes & letting creativity creep-back into Porter Rd.

Once I'm back on my feet I'll post an update. And until then I'm going to mull-over ideas of what I should [& shouldn't!] change about them.

Your thoughts?