November 28, 2011

Calendar Days

Last week was Thanksgiving - an American holiday I wholeheartedly embrace & have come to love! Tasty turkey & pumpkin pie, & the excuse to hang with friends mid-week - what's not to enjoy?

Here is one of our dear friends & generous hosts - Courtney - & the turkey she perfected..

We had a wonderful evening, attaching ourselves to her extended family for a big, boisterous Thanksgiving meal [Courtney's family consists of three sisters plus husbands, children & grandparents, so Nate & I felt right at home].

Thanksgiving is a milestone we are pleased to have passed, as it marked in our minds the anticipated arrival of the twins. Around these calendar days we expected either (a) 2 little bundles depriving us of sleep or (b) 1 enormous belly depriving me of sleep. Either away, we miss every part of the picture.

I've found it important to not let my mind wander too often in the direction of how life could be right now had things gone smoothly. Life is busy & full & we are delighting in so much of it! But I did want to acknowledge this particular time of the year.

Days of significance deepen our experience of loss & my icky questions circle around more frequently...

I don't know why I'm here writing about loss, instead of deliriously describing a new baby's fingers & toes.
I don't know why we're having to wait to experience the joy of being new parents.
I don't know why others sail through pregnancy with ease.
I don't know why Jack & Lucy can't be here in our family.

Being a follower of God hasn't given me the answers to a lot of our questions. Instead, it's given me Jesus. I don't say that lightly or as a cliche. I wander from this truth daily & have to bring myself back - "I have Jesus".

He is more than enough to fill the void of unanswered questions; to carry the weight of my anxiety; to bring joy through times of sadness; & offer true hope in our bleakest days. He has come like a light in the darkness & I am thankful.


November 23, 2011


Dearest blog-friends... I've been a bad communicator the last few weeks. It is poor form & I truly have no good or valid excuse [not that I didn't trial a few.... "a family of squirrels stole my laptop*"... "I temporarily lost all feeling in my fingers & couldn't type"... "the scrubbing of our shower required my undivided, devoted housewifey attention**"...]

Things have been fairly quiet & uneventful at Porter Rd. I've been searching the deep recesses of my brain to come-up with something to share, but alas, it turns-out the recesses are empty [or my brain is not that deep!]

ANYWAY, to keep things here simmering along, I will pop-up a few pics & mini-stories from the last week, care-of my iphone.

LAST MONDAY: We road-tripped to Atlanta for the day to visit with a precious friend, Laurel. She's an American, married to an Australian, living in Australia, who was visiting America. You still with me?

She & her husband Justin are near & dear to us, so the 4hr trek there & back was no sweat. We cherished the chance to catch-up on all of life from the last 6 months, hear about our cheeky godson & indulge in some laughs.


THIS PAST WKEND: we were off to Oklahoma - where the wind really-truly does comes sweeping down the plain. I don't how it knows to live-up to it's name so completely.

This time it was an 11hr+ road-trip, which again was no sweat thanks to Nate's demon-like driving focus & the bottomless store of optimism radiating from the backseat. Todd & Peter (drums & bass) joined the Tasker circus for the weekend, & apart from musical talent they bought a joyful road-tripping enthusiasm that shamed Nate & I.  Can't you tell from this picture...

Perhaps the 11+ hr drive wasn't such a chore because waiting at the other end, like a little sugar-filled beacon, was Cuppies & Joe. Truly a place of raindbows & buttercups & the most adorable store owners, making the most delectable cupcakes known to man. E-ver.

Elizabeth & her family have been running C&J for 3 years & we landed on their doorstep fairly early-on, thanks to Kelsey. It was love at first bite. I could wax-lyrical about their perfect little house-shop, the friendly staff, great coffee & PERFECT cakes. But instead I'll just give you a close-up of the Boom Boom Pow....

Vanilla bean cuppie w/chocolate buttercream, caramel, and sea salt. Yes please.

That was Oklahoma. [Oh, Nate & the guys did play a youth convention too. They did splendid!]

And so we find ourselves at Thanksgiving week, rushing head-long into Christmas. The leaves here are just about all gone, the sky is covered-over with gray clouds & I'm starting to get very familiar with my ugg boots. 


[*this one is really quite valid. Seriously. They are organized, scheming, industrious little fellows. I do believe if they sense any weakness they will stage a coup & take over the house.]

[**this one should be valid, but my delicate lady-hands prevent such an endeavor]

November 6, 2011

From My Ears to Yours

After the cantaloupe incident of 2011 I was banned from running for a good month or two. This was welcome news for me - I'd been looking for a decent excuse to break from strenuous exercise for, ooh, about 3 years.

In it's place I have spent time walking each morning. While the weather is yet not butt-cake freezing I wander East Nashville with music playing in my ears, a more sedate, reflective sound track than my running tunes. And I had a little thought.... If I found what I'm listening to an encouragement, then maybe others might to.

I'm here to pass-along just a few of the artists & albums that have nurtured my soul these past few months, in the hope that they might do the same for you - either now or in future days.

I did originally write my own little personal descriptions for each & why I love them so. But I think I'd enjoy it more if I knew you just went ahead, clicked their songs & discovered the goodness for yourself...

[N. Tasker is known to sneak-in there too]
I realize today's suggestions are all of the Christian variety & this is not the direction I always look to jump (believe it or not!). Music is a warm place for me to rest, & during this season, Christian music is especially where I find myself looking to lay down. I can settle-in, feel the weight lifted & let truth wash over me in a way that is often more powerful than if it were spoken to me plainly.

These artists & their songs are suffused with an ache for home & deep sympathy for our broken human condition... All the while, brimming with the love of a Savior that is so beautiful & restoring & needed.