December 26, 2011

Home for the Holidays

Nate & I are about to disappear for a week or two, into the land of no internet access.

Shocking for some*, wonderfully relaxing & freeing for me! 

*Nate is a teeny bit part of the 'some'... He eventually stops twitching & relaxes.

We have come home to Australia for Christmas & the New Year. It felt important that we all be together to celebrate Christmas as a family, the first one without Dad. And for Nate & I to have some recharge time, with the ones we love, is especially good as we farewell this particularly poopey year!

[Soaking-up the Southern Hemipshere summer season might've been an arm twister too.]

There will definitely be updates & pictures & stories from our time here - but I apologize in advance for the delay, as we set-off for the holiday house today & check-out from the world wide web.


December 21, 2011

Weekend Festivities

Tis the season! We've had a busy weekend of Christmas festivities & celebrations, the perfect counter-balance to how our hearts have been feeling some days this month.

I am happily weary from time spent with dear friends, new friends, talented musicians & soul-warming songs. The Yoder Family Christmas party kicked things off on Friday evening & we didn't look back.

{with lovely friends, Will & Ruthie Sayles}

Nate was away on Sautrday night & I took-in my first ever viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life" at the Belcourt Theatre. Oh-me, oh-my. I am in love - and slow on the uptake, for certain! If you've not indulged in some Christmas viewing yet, please go & rent this now. It is a pure delight.


In the quieter moments, between mistletoe & egg nog & itchy Christmas sweaters (none of which actually appeared over the weekend) I got my craft-on again. And this time, no kindy kids were going to one-up me!

Please meet my first ever bunting banner & contribution to Todd's surprise 40th birthday party (more on that in a minute).

Come Sunday evening we took-in the annual Andrew Peterson Christmas concert ("Behold the Lamb of God") held at the Ryman. This is a favorite for us every year, for many reasons - heart-stirring songs, talented musicians, friends who are the talented musicians, Nate's manager Christie orchestrating the night, & the story of Christmas, God with us, proclaimed with great joy & hope.

{No matter my mood, scrooge or elf, this concert helps to focus my heart during the silly season}

Now, back to the 40th p-arty. To cap it all off & really tip this weekend over the edge, we stayed around at the Ryman after the concert to celebrate 40 years of life for our precious friend Todd, surprise-style. 

{Yep, that's my banner. Could we say it was the vital heartbeat of the whole evening? The salt to the party pepper? Who am I to say.... :) }

Before I sign-off, it must be announced: Nate & I have made a new friend!*. The wonderful Ms. Sally Lloyd Jones, children's book author extraordinaire & all-round fabulous lady. (*no coercion or bribery took place.)

Sally took-up residence for an evening at our home & graciously kept us company throughout a lot of the above, attending the parties & reading at Andrew's concert. I believe Sally is HIGH on the list of 2011 'good things'.

How do you not love a lady who will do this with you... Making you laugh until you cry...
{Todd's primary-school self was good enough to appear with us in the 2nd frame, in case the boy seems a random addition... Because, of course, everything else in these pictures looks totally normal}

SO, anybody else worn-out from the activities & social interactions??! Good-golly molly. I could stay in my pajamas for a week.

As full as my heart might be from this season of friendship & celebration, I am excited about the pending plane ride - 14+hrs of uninterrupted, passive time, delivering us to family.

The end. And very joy-filled Christmas to you all!


December 11, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Umm... I think I just got my craft-on !!

I do like creative things, but usually on a larger scale, like, ah, painting the living room. This little project was at the other end of the spectrum & not my usual forte. The alphabet set from Emily got my crafty juices flowing (artsy-crafty, not evil-crafty) and the new Paper Source Nashville store tipped me over the edge with their wall of pretty stamps & colored paper. They really ARE a source of all things paper.

I thought it was time to get Porter Rd in the Christmas spirit, so I took my peppermint tea & poopey-nugget looking chocolate treats to settle-in for some delicate creativity, making my own gift tags.

I realize it's a simple place to start with my crafting endeavors, nothing more complicated than inking & stamping.. Preeetty sure kids in kindergarten are doing the same thing right this minute, with half a potato & some craft paper.

BUT, it's a start! And I'm liking how pretty they look, & that the ink went where it should & not all over my fingers & the table (bet you can't claim THAT, kindy kids?!)

Each one is different, just like a snow flake.
Let the season of Christmas begin!


December 5, 2011

Porter Rd Happenings

2 faMiLy ViSiToRs:

 {Beth & Fletcher, snapped at Jeni's Ice Creamery. They popped-by on their way home from Central America, providing a week of fun family times. So delightful!}

4 LiTTle TreATs:

{New Food Truck discovery - Bang Candy. Owned by an Irish lady from Tipperary - and yes, she graciously allowed us to sing a bit of the tune to her, as if that's never happened before! - she makes divine little squares of marshmallow in all sorts of fancy combination's.}

1 WeDDiNg aNNiVerSARy:

{My beloved & I celebrated 7 wedded years on Sunday. We kept it low-key, with a morning at Crema & a sneaky gift from Nate, despite the no gift rule *sigh*. Thankful beyond belief for my precious husbando.}